Do Suggested Posts Ruin Facebook?

    Recently, I asked “What is your social media pet peeve?” on my Facebook Page and got some interesting answers. The one that got my attention was an issue with Facebook’s promoted posts and ads that show up in your news feed. In the first image, Contiki Holidays paid Facebook using promoted posts in […]

American Cancer Society Testimonial

Adam, On behalf of the American Cancer Society South Atlantic Division, THANK YOU for your support throughout this year in helping us to engage our collegiate volunteers. I have referenced your Socially Gold blog repeatedly to help teach our youth the most effective ways to promote their events and engage their participants. Additionally, I have […]

Win a 1 Hour Social Media Training

For my first blog giveaway, I want to give a 1 hour social media training to the Hillel that receives the most mentions in the comments of this post. I want to give back to where I was inspired to become a social media blogger. My first job out of college in 2010 was working for Towson […]

What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is someone who manages online networks for brands, companies or organizations. Social media marketing is taking off and businesses are struggling to keep up with user trends. Social media can also be defined as an extension of your brand. It provides a behind the scenes look at what you are doing to engage current […]

The Year of the Social Media Strategy

You know that you need to be on social media, but have you formulated a strategy? I’ve compiled a list of the 7 best ways to help you. I found these sources searching “Social Media Strategy’ via Twitter. – [INFOGRAPHIC] How to create a social media strategy via Bundlepost – Tools to manage your […]

Backdate Your Facebook Posts

Did something exciting happen back in the day and you didn’t make it to Facebook to post it? Facebook allows you to back date your posts, so no need to fret. This feature has been available for a while, as you can also post up to 6 months in advance, if you want to try your hand […]