Facebook News Feed Takes On Click Baiting

Facebook News Feed Takes On Click Baiting

The Facebook News feed is taking a stand on click baiting today. Click baiting is when a page uses an engaging headline that keeps the user wanting more. Facebook wants users to know what they are clicking, so these types of posts will not be shown as often.

Today Facebook announced that they will punish posts with an image and a link in the description. Instead, you should post the link, let Facebook generate the thumbnail and go from there.

If you continue to post photos with a link, you’ll start to see diminished reach. Facebook is strivingВ to make the user experience better by showing more of what you enjoy. The more you enjoy your experience, the longer you will spend using Facebook and the more ads you will see.

Facebook is taking its cues from a survey and feedback from users. Posts with attractive headlines and poor content will be seen less and less. Currently, these types of posts get increasedВ engagement because of their engaging headlines and the curiosity of users.

Facebook is also measuring the amount of time a user spends on a web page outside of Facebook to determine the quality of the content. The longer you are away, the better Facebook will think the content is. The News Feed will also see if you like or comment on a post after returning from the outside website. Posts that keep users away from Facebook longer and receive a like, comment or share after they return, will be rewarded the most.

Does that mean you should be writing longer articles? Perhaps. Longer articles are also weighted favorably by Google in regards to search engine optimization. Try 250-300 words at a minimum.

If you produce good content, Facebook will reward you. If your post does not receive any likes, shares or comments, Facebook will deem it asВ poor content.

Pro Tip:В At the bottom of your article include “If you are reading this article from Facebook, tell me you enjoyed it with a like, share or comment.

What do you think about this change to the News Feed. Let me know on Facebook. рџ™‚