ESPN Comments Create Trending Topic

If you watched the National Championship game on Monday, you saw the announcer, Brent Musburger, going wild for an attractive woman in the crowd. That attractive woman was the girlfriend of the Alabama quarterback, A.J. McCarron. Her Twitter followers immediately went from 2,300 to 231,000 at the time of this posting. ESPN did apologize for going too far with comments. […]

Target to match prices of

ABC news is reporting this morning that Target will now price match any item in their store with and many other online retailers right in the store. Stores likes Target and Best Buy are succumbed to “show rooming” where consumers peruse products in-store and then buy it for cheaper online. Well that is no more. […]

Social Media Explained

This afternoon I gave a “Social Media Explained” seminar to college students at a leadership retreat. I crafted this Prezi and presented via Google+ Hangout. Unfortunately, the seminar was not recorded, but you can see the process of trying to set it up here.  

How to Create a Movement

This has to be one of my favorite videos. It’s short, sweet and you learn so much! Awesome video right? The shirtless man, whether he intended to to start a movement or not, did. His care free attitude, if you can call it that, lead to the start of something great. It lead to a […]

Create Social Media Share Links

  A trend in web design is to create social media share links, and when clicked on, encourage users to write a comment about the website in question. The idea is to increase web traffic, and ideally, convert leads into new customers. This is an Example of a Facebook Share Link <a href=”“>Share This Link on Facebook</a> […]

Social Media Icons

As a graphic designer, I find myself constantly needing logos of social media sites for flyers, emails, websites and more. Below is a running list of links to social media icons that you can download. Social Media Sites/brands make their icons and logos readily available as they are conscious about brand recognition. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr […]

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

So you have a Twitter account and you are asking yourself “How Do I Get Twitter Followers?” In this post I’ll explain how. Example 1. Twitter for Business If you are using Twitter to promote your business or website, follow those who follow a competitor or similar business. If you are a restaurant who wants […]

Best iPhone Battery Case

I am constantly checking my social media feeds on my iPhone 5. I have been looking at Best Buy to find one, but they haven’t hit the shelves yet. Check out the best iPhone 5 battery case I could find from Amazon if you need that extra juice. I use it mainly when I am traveling. The time […]