Do Suggested Posts Ruin Facebook?

Do Suggested Posts Ruin Facebook?


Spsonored Posts


Recently, I asked “What is your social media pet peeve?” on my Facebook Page and got some interesting answers. The one that got my attention was an issue with Facebook’s promoted posts and ads that show up in your news feed.

suggested posts 2
In the first image, Contiki Holidays paid Facebook using promoted posts in hopes of getting their post seen by more users who are not their fans to acquire more. I still think that Likes don’t matter, but engaged fans do.

Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm typically only shows your posts to 16% of your fans. Promoting a post allows you to increase that greatly. This promoted post showed up in my newsfeed because two of my friends Likes the page (it may have shown up with just one liking it).

The Facebook comment eludes to friends “suggesting” a product to him because it appeared in his news feed. Do I need to know that friend x and y liked this page? Facebook thinks so! They did get a lot of engagement in the form of Likes, comments and shares but those are paid for. You don’t always have to pay to get your posts seen by more eyes, just create engaging content, be patient and responsive. You can also use this simple way to increase engagement.

Suggested posts show up differently via Facebook Mobile. Again, brands are paying for their posts to be see by more eyes, which take the Likes of your friends, and broadcasts them to you. Your friends are not advocating that their likes appear in your feed, brands are paying for that ability in hopes you like them too.


mobile suggested post


Huffington Post announced recently that Facebook was sued and will now be paying up to $10 for users who’s likeness was used in sponsored stories.

Are you sick of suggested posts and sponsored stories? Let us know in the comments.