Facebook Adds Subscribe Button To Events Page

Facebook Adds Subscribe Button To Events Page

Welcome back to SociallyGold! It’s been a while since we talked last, but now I am going to move full force with my social media blogging. If you didn’t know, the name of my blog was inspired by my love for Seinfeld. That’s Gold Jerry! Gold!

You can read more about that on my About page. Now, every blog post will have some reference to Seinfeld. I figured I would get back to my roots and it would make my posts even more interesting, so here we go.

Facebook announced this week that they now will let users subscribe to a pages’ events via a subscribe button. Phew, now you won’t miss the invite from Kramer’s Millenium Party, a sleep study at the Lumbar Yard or a Festivus cocktail party.

facebook page subscribe events

The Subscribe button can be found on the events tab on the right.

The Strategy

As a page manager, you should encourage your fans to subscribe to your events so they don’t miss anything, but this may be a hard thing to accomplish. It’s kinda like getting all your mail delivered on a Sunday. You’ll also be able to tell how many users are subscribed to your events as Facebook posts the number right next to the button.

  • Send an email to your list explaining the new button and link to the events page
  • Post on Facebook about the subscribe button
    • Not a graphic designer? Use this image to encourage your fans to subscribe

Just so you know

facebook page subscribe button

As a general user, your friends will have access to what you subscribe to, so don’t subscribe to any of Newman’s or Banya’s events if you don’t want to be heckled at your office and lose a pinky toe.

I wrote an article a while back about the end of Facebook events, but this new button could change the whole game. You could actually win at Risk, the game of global domination.

What do you think?


Do you think this new Facebook subscribe button is a game changer? Let me know in the comments or tweet at me.