What is a Social Media Manager?

What is a Social Media Manager?

What is a social media manager

A social media manager is someone who manages online networks for brands, companies or organizations. Social media marketing is taking off and businesses are struggling to keep up with user trends. Social media can also be defined as an extension of your brand. It provides a behind the scenes look at what you are doing to engage current fans in hopes of getting new ones.

If you are a social media job seeker. You may find yourself being asked these questions…

How do you define social media?

What is your experience with managing communities?

Do you have any clients I can speak to?

What’s more important Likes or Engaged Users?

How do you measure social media ROI?

Why do you want a job in social media?

How do you stay on top of the trends?

Do you have any social media campaign ideas How much do you charge for social media management?