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What is Twitter?

Follow @Socially_Gold This short and sweet video answers the age old question…”What is Twitter?” It really does a great job at explaining what Twitter is, and what it can be used for. It mentions the main reason I enjoy Twitter so much…”You can get perspectives and access that you can’t find anywhere else.” Please share […]

Pepto-Bismol’s Diarrhea Grammar Twitter Mistake

A friend of mine drew my attention to a tweet from Pepto-Bismol two days ago. Pepto-Bismol tweeted the question “The most awkward places to experience, diarrhea, go? Notice the comma? The addition of this comma changes the meaning of the sentence. Instead of only asking about awkward places to experience diarrhea, they asked diarrhea, awkward […]

The Power of Twitter Saves Hanukkah

  I was browsing Twitter this morning and saw a tweet from Seth Rogen that confused me. .@HobbyLobbyStore you’ve angered us Jews! Now we will use the blood of your babies to make matzah!!! — Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) October 5, 2013   Now Seth Rogen is always sarcastic, but the nature of this tweet intrigued […]

New Twitter Alerts This Week

Twitter Personalized Recommendations Twitter is ever evolving, and this week, the short blogging service is adding personalized notifications and alerts. This new functionality is based on the @magicrecs. Launching soon for Android and iPhone, Twitter will send push notifications with follow recommendations. The notifications can be turned on and off via the settings. Twitter Emergency Alert […]