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Enhance Your Website With Twitter Widgets

Do you manage a website or blog? Twitter Widgets let you create embedded content on your own site. Let’s take a look at the Twitter widgets you can play with. To curate Twitter content, navigate to and hit the “create new” button at the top right, it will take you to the below screen. I […]

3 New Updates to Twitter for Mobile

Yesterday Twitter announced updates to its family of mobile apps. The updates covered in this post are… Twitter Two-Step Verification Social Search Photo Galleries Twitter Lists If you are in fear that your Twitter account will be hacked, you now can enroll in login verification and approve login requests directly from your mobile app. Login […]

What are Twitter Cards?

Twitter Cards allow content to be shown in your Twitter Feed. Recently Twitter revoked Twitter Card access from Instagram, perhaps because it is owned by Facebook now. When someone posts an instagramed photo to Twitter, it will not show in the feed, you’ll have click a separate link to see the photo. Another reason why […]

What is Twitter Jail?

Up until 5 minutes ago, I hand’t heard of Twitter Jail, but I thought it answered a question I tweeted out earlier today quite well. Thanks to Eddie Z. from Brisk Prints for asking me about Twitter Jail and inspiring this post. What annoys you about social media and how it’s used. Answers in a blog […]

Twitter 2-Step Verification Update

The folks at Twitter have sure been busy updating the platform lately. I recently wrote about the new Twitter Lists and they have also added a 2-step login verification. Twitter profile hacks typically make the news and go viral rather quickly. Accounts like E! Online and Burger King have been hacked. This is not to be […]

Twitter Lists Update | A How To

  Twitter is a fast-moving social network loved by many. I use it for multiple reasons; keeping up with friends, networking, staying on top of social media trends and learning about the world. Twitter recently updated their list function to be more robust. Prior to the Twitter List update, you could only create 20 lists, […]

Click to Tweet

I discovered a new website that lets you draft a Tweet with the intention of others sharing it via Click to Tweet. I’ve written how to create social media share links in the past, but this is much easier. This would be great for blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets and sharing content. Here’s how Click […]