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Colbert Forces Bill Clinton to Join Twitter

Steven Colbert forced former President Bill Clinton Last night. When asked why Bill hadn’t joined Twitter before, he said “sort of insecure.” This was filmed at the Clinton Global Initiative University.   Now that I’m no longer president I have been downgraded to Air Force Seven. #notColbertpretendingtobeme — Billy Jeff Clinton (@PrezBillyJeff) April 9, 2013   There […]

Defending Twitter

I found myself in a conversation at my 9-5 yesterday defending Twitter. I was explaining to some co-workers, who don’t really get “The Twitter.” I can go on for hours about why I use Twitter, but I’m looking to my readers to see what you think. How the conversation started… As a disclaimer, these co-workers […]

Social Media Overload

Are you addicted to social media like I am? This infographic from shows what people think of their social media, how they consume it, how they share it and what they’re willing to do instead of giving it up. Soon to be Featured Fan Joel A. posted this on Twitter via Flipboard. Social Network Overload — Joel […]

How I Got Craig Newmark To Retweet Me

This past weekend, Mashable teamed up with NowThisNews to run a contest for entrepreneurs to submit ideas for businesses using Vine. They encouraged submissions to use the hashtag #6secondpitch. My idea is to create a media company that can give social media resources to non-profits for cheap. They were going to pick winners that were the most […]

Help Me Get My Pitch On!

Mashable and NowThisNews are giving a chance for entrepreneurs to use Vine for a #6secondpitch to turn their big idea into a reality. They are choosing winners by RT amount. You can learn more about the contest here. Please RT this and share it with others!     Please RT to help me win the […]