Should You Sync Personal Social Media Accounts?

Should You Sync Personal Social Media Accounts?

A friend of mine was asked why she no longer posts about gender equity on her personal Facebook page. Her post (embedded below) mentions that she DOES post items related to this topic on Twitter. A commentator asked if she wouldn’t mind syncing her Facebook Twitter accounts so they could stay updated without having to check Twitter. This post did spur some debate between mutual tech friends of Sheila and I.

“I recommend NOT syncing accounts”

When working with brands, I recommend NOT syncing accounts because it doesn’t give followers a reason to follow you on both platforms. I normally stand firm on this, but our tech friends did have interesting comments. I get bored, and frankly annoyed, with hearing the same message over and over, on social media, or even in real life. No one likes a nag ya know. Not to mention that Facebook posts don’t translate well on Twitter and vice vera.

What do you think?

Take a look at the post from Sheila below and weigh in on the comments section of this blog post. Let’s not flood Sheila’s page. My goal is to get a healthy debate about syncing social media accounts. I may be willing to bend on my stance.



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