Best Viral Videos of 2013

A tech friend of mine Alyson Kapin, Founder of Women Who Tech and RAD Campaign, was invited on MSNBC to discuss 2013’s best viral videos. I didn’t see the Dove or Volvo videos until Alyson mentioned them, but the rest did grace my newsfeed. Check out Alyson’s segment and then scroll down for the full videos. […]

I Want to Grow My Blog

Follow @Socially_Gold I want to apologize, I have been slacking with my blog lately and today is the day that I make a change. This blog has opened a few doors for me since starting in 2012, but I want it to open more doors! I need to make this my job, my passion and […]

What is Twitter?

Follow @Socially_Gold This short and sweet video answers the age old question…”What is Twitter?” It really does a great job at explaining what Twitter is, and what it can be used for. It mentions the main reason I enjoy Twitter so much…”You can get perspectives and access that you can’t find anywhere else.” Please share […]