Buy Starbucks for Friends with Twitter

Starbucks has announced a a new partnership with Twitter, Tweet-a-Coffee. You can now purchase a $5 gift card and send it to a friend on Twitter. All you have to do is link you Starbucks account to your Twitter handle, which you can do here. To encourage users to do this, Starbucks is giving $5 […]

Pepto-Bismol’s Diarrhea Grammar Twitter Mistake

A friend of mine drew my attention to a tweet from Pepto-Bismol two days ago. Pepto-Bismol tweeted the question “The most awkward places to experience, diarrhea, go? Notice the comma? The addition of this comma changes the meaning of the sentence. Instead of only asking about awkward places to experience diarrhea, they asked diarrhea, awkward […]

Social Media for Social Change

Earlier this year, I attended a training for Ask Big Questions, a non-profit that I work with on their social strategy. At that training, a student I met connected me to Professor Don Stanley from the University Of Wisconsin via Twitter. Don and I spoke on the phone about his class, informally titled Social Media […]

7 Quick LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network provides numerous ways to market your business or organization. Which one is right for your business? No matter the size, your business can benefit from a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing plan. 1. To find success, you’ll need to be consistent. Your strategy should be dedicated to long-term management. These […]

Advertising Coming to Instagram

  Filtered photos, food porn and yoga poses will soon be accompanied by advertisements. Instagram announced last week that ads will be coming to the social network. “In the next couple months, you may begin seeing an occasional ad in your Instagram feed if you’re in the United States. Seeing photos and videos from brands […]

Akron Aeros Find Success with Facebook

Determining your social strategy can be difficult, but implementing one successfully can be even more challenging. This posts highlights the Akron Aeros Minor League Baseball Team, their new owner and how they used Facebook to build and engage their fan base. I got a chance to interview their owner via a friend’s introduction. Ken Babby, […]