I Want to Grow My Blog

I want to apologize, I have been slacking with my blog lately and today is the day that I make a change. This blog has opened a few doors for me since starting in 2012, but I want it to open more doors! I need to make this my job, my passion and make it my mission to grow my blog to even bigger then what it is now. As a reader of this blog, I am asking for your help, I am asking that you hold be accountable for implementing the ideas I am about to share with you.

Not only am I documenting this to help myself, but I want it to help anyone who is struggling to maintain a blog and/or web presence. This list is a brain dump of ideas and has no formal format. So here it goes…

  • Become friendly with 10 bloggers by March 2014
  • Write at least 2 posts/week
  • Grow email subscriber list
  • Read and comment on at least 5 blog posts a week
  • Subscribe to blogs of others trying to grow their blogs as well
  • Allow for more guest bloggers (At least 2/month)
  • Guest blog at least once a month to build links and traffic
  • Constantly brainstorm topics
  • Be featured on a prominent social media Podcast by March 2014
  • Create an editorial calendar to be more consistent with posting on Twitter
  • Measure and analyze Facebook Insights to determine the best type of contest for my fans and when to post it
  • Create a spreadsheet of blogs that I would like to strive to be like and interact with those bloggers on Twitter and their blogs
  • Write for Social Media Today at least once a month
  • Follow through with invitation to write for Social Media Examiner
  • Create at least 2 video tutorials a month

I am excited to finally have a documented list of ways to grow my blog and online presence. Do you have any advice for me, tips or tricks or any items I should add to my list? Please put them below in the comments.