How To Find Your First Tweet

Can you imagine? Twitter is 8 years old! They’re getting older, wiser and still picking their nose. To celebrate their birthday, Twitter released a tool to find your very first tweet, or anyone else’s for that matter. For our 8th birthday, we’re looking back at a few of our favorite first Tweets. You can too. […]

Send Targeted Emails with Mailchimp Goal

Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon and then that product followed you all around the internet? This highly targeted form of advertising works because Amazon place cookies on your computer that lets them serve ads on other websites. Amazon is targeting you based on your interests. You can use MailChimp in a […]

The + Email Trick

If enjoy free trials and saving money, then you’ll want to learn this email trick. Let’s say you want to try Netflix free for a month…again and again. Technically, you can create a new email address every month and get access to a free trial over and over. Instead, you can enter for example […]

Zuckerberg Bashes the Government

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg took to his personal profile to express his frustration with what the government and NSA are doing. He even put a call into the President to express his frustration. I don’t think that we’ll ever escape what Edward Snowden exposed about the NSA.I’m curious what your thoughts are about Zuckerberg expressing his […]

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm for Pages

Facebook announced today (2/25/14) that they are changing their news feed algorithm for pages. What used to be known as Edge Rank had marketers very upset. The statistic was that only 16% of page fans would see a post. This announcement will hopefully turn those marketing frowns around. [Tweet “This announcement will hopefully turn those marketing […]