6 Snapchat Features You Didn’t Know About

6 Snapchat Features You Didn’t Know About


I don’t send snaps very often, but when I do, I use my iPhone (bad joke I know). In this post I’ll share 6 Snapchat features that you may not know about and how to enable them on your iPhone. I used to think Snapchat was only for photos that self destructed, but there is so much more.

1. Visual Filters

Think Instagram filters! To enable these on your iPhone, go to your received snapchats and hit the settings gear at the top right. Then hit manage under additional features and turn on visual filters. Once you take your photo, scroll to left to view the different filters.

2. Smart Filters

Smart filters add either the current temperature for your location, the time or how fast you’re going. I’m not sure why someone would need to know your current MPH, but the option is there. Turn these filters on the same way you turned on visual filters. Keep scrolling after the visual filters and you’ll see the smart filters.

3. Replay

I’m not sure when this feature was added, but Snapchat will let you replay a snap. You can only replay the most recent snap and you can only use your replay once a day.

4. Snapchat Scores

Who knew that Snapchat assigned scores to everyone? You get a point for every snap you send and receive. To see your score and the score of others, go to your contacts screen and tap a name once. A drop down will appear and show you your score.

5. Best Friends

Snapchat gives you best friends? Yes! Snapchat will tell you who you snap with the most. To find out, go to your contact screen and click on your name. A drop down will appear with who your best friends are. You can also see who everyone else’s best friends are by clicking once on their name.

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6. Stories

Snapchat started as a way to self destruct photos after a certain amount of seconds. Now you can add a snap to your story, which makes the photo available for 24 hours. Your friends can replay the snap as much as they want. You can choose who sees your story in settings by selecting either everyone, my friends or selecting individual users.

What’s your take on Snapchat? I’m not a chronic snapchatter, but I do enjoy receiving them. I also think brands will start jumping on the social network if they haven’t already. Taco Bell and Girls on HBO already send me snaps on the reg.