The + Email Trick

The + Email Trick

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If enjoy free trials and saving money, then you’ll want to learn this email trick. Let’s say you want to try Netflix free for a month…again and again. Technically, you can create a new email address every month and get access to a free trial over and over. Instead, you can enter for example (you’ll want to do this with your own email, not mine) to trick Netflix into thinking you are using a new email address.

You can add “+whatever” to your email address and it will work as intended. You could enter the first month and etc. for the following months.

This is also handy if you want to test whether or not a company is handing off your email address to others. At the conference I just attended, I registered for a party hosted by a sponsor using this trick. If I get any spam emails sent to that newly created email address, I’ll know who is giving out my email.

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