Men Can Use Pinterest Too!

According to Wishpond, 80% of Pinterest users are women. Stats like these keep men off the platform, but I’ve found a way to use it to my benefit. So here it goes! My birthday is on Wednesday, and what better way to put together what gifts I’d like? I can send this board to whomever, and […]

Guest Post: Post At Your Own Risk

By Howard Rudnick Today’s guest post comes from a recent college graduate and a former student of mine. Howard’s position is that you can post items on social media for the world to see, but you NEED to be careful with what you post! Howard takes the “poster beware” approach when it comes to his […]

Enhance Your Website With Twitter Widgets

Do you manage a website or blog? Twitter Widgets let you create embedded content on your own site. Let’s take a look at the Twitter widgets you can play with. To curate Twitter content, navigate to and hit the “create new” button at the top right, it will take you to the below screen. I […]

Crash My Event

A few weeks ago, I attended an event for the apartment management company I work for and met the team from Crash My Event. You’ve seen the old school photo booths, but Crash My Event puts a whole new spin on it, a social media spin. The Tampa , FL based company will happily crash […]

Clear Your Facebook Search History

Facebook unknowingly keeps your search history stored in your activity feed. Lucky for you, no one else can see this as its private information. Below is a simple step-by-step to clear your Facebook Search History. Step 1. Click Activity Log on your cover in your profile Step 2. Click More under Photos, Likes and Comments […]

Instagram Updates Mobile Application

  Today Instagram announced an update to their mobile app. With the updates, now you can… Upload video from your gallery in Instagram 4.0, you could only add filters and edit video created within the app itself. Now you can upload video no matter when it was recorded. Photo Straightening Don’t you hate crooked photos? […]