13 Reasons Why Twitter Makes Your Life Better

13 Reasons Why Twitter Makes Your Life Better

This morning I was listening to a Social Media Examiner’s podcast about creating utility for your fans. They highlighted a few stories, but one that hit home was about a Twitter account that Hilton Hotels uses called @HiltonSuggests. Hilton uses this account to creep on Twitter and answer users questions, no matter the subject. The example that was given was about a man who tweeted that he just moved to a new city and his dog was sick. He asked where he could take him on his Twitter. Someone from @HiltonSuggests tweeted at him and answered his question. Now I bet you are thinking, why would they do this? This has nothing to do with Hotels, and he wasn’t a current guest at a HIlton hotel.

The reason why Hilton hangs out on Twitter to answer questions is simple. They are using sideways marketing to get their brand in front of this dog owner. This man will eventually need a hotel, so now Hilton is at the top of his mind. Here is a different example of how Hilton provides Utility to people on Twitter.


I wanted to use this example for myself so I started searching Twitter for people with social media questions. My idea was to answer any questions I could find on twitter related to social media. The idea I ended up going with was to ask people I have recently engaged with “How has twitter made your life better?” These are their answers.

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