How Not to Use Facebook Hash Tags

As you may know, Facebook rolled out hashtags on its platform earlier this week. Hashtags, initially used by Twitter, make it easier for users to search certain topics. You can click on a hashtag and see what others have said who have also used that same hashtag. For my full time job, I manage multiple […]

Instagram Now Records Video

Facebook announced that Vine will now record video. I can only imagine what the reaction at the Vine offices were today. Instagram made headlines when it was bought by Facebook last year, and they are making headlines today. I honestly feel bad for Vine as they pioneered this space. Here are some immediate reactions to […]

This Week in Facebook

Photo Courtesy: Mashable Facebook sent snail mail invitations to the press last week announcing an event at their Menlo Park offices. Facebook has had a few of these announcement events recently, to announce the Facebook Phone, Open Graph Search and now this new one. I rounded up a few rumors about the event, but this […]

Facebook 101

Subscribe to Sociallygold and get FREE access to Facebook 101 Video Lesson * indicates required Email Address * Name * Good news! Facebook 101 is launching today! Instead of offering Live courses and force everyone to fit my schedule, I wanted offer recorded social media lessons that you could watch, pause and rewind whenever you […]

Tracking Social Media ROI

It can be difficult to measure the exact return on investment (ROI) of your social media marketing, but you will see residual effects of your efforts. This post also includes a tutorial on how to use Google Analytcs to track you ROI. Your social media channels are the face or your company. Your customers may […]

What are Twitter Cards?

Twitter Cards allow content to be shown in your Twitter Feed. Recently Twitter revoked Twitter Card access from Instagram, perhaps because it is owned by Facebook now. When someone posts an instagramed photo to Twitter, it will not show in the feed, you’ll have click a separate link to see the photo. Another reason why […]

What is Vine?

When asked what the next BIG thing in social media is, my answer is Vine. What is Vine? Vine is a 6 second video sharing mobile app, originally on iOS, that allows users to get creative when uploading videos. Acquired by Twitter in October 2012, Vine app has already seen changes since it’s launch. Vine enabled […]