What are Twitter Cards?

What are Twitter Cards?

Twitter Cards allow content to be shown in your Twitter Feed. Recently Twitter revoked Twitter Card access from Instagram, perhaps because it is owned by Facebook now. When someone posts an instagramed photo to Twitter, it will not show in the feed, you’ll have click a separate link to see the photo. Another reason why Twitter may have revoked Twitter cards was because you can now add filters directly via the Twitter mobile app, similar to Instagram. Vine, Twitters newest acquisition, does allow for Twitter Cards. What is Vine?

This photo was taken a few years ago, but what better way to gear up for Father’s day.

Below is an example of a photo filtered by the Twitter App which includes a Twitter Card

Below is an instagramed example of a non-Twitter Card. You’ll notice that you have to click an external link to see the photo. In honor of father’s day of course!



After posting this article about Twitter Cards, a Twitter user tweeted at me and mentioned there is a work around via IFTTT. Of course I tagged the wrong user on Twitter, but this is a way to post an Instagram photo to your Twitter feed and have the image appear without having to click an extra link.

Other then noticing that there is a filter on this photo, this recipe doesn’t include that this was taken or posted with Instagram. Think this will be something you use?