17 Things You Can Learn About Social Media From Big Brands

17 Things You Can Learn About Social Media From Big Brands

There is a lot you can learn about social media from Big Brands. Below is a list of 17 Things You Can Learn About Social Media From Big Brands

1. Be timely

The lights went out during the 2013 Superbowl. Although the Oreo Facebook Page is managed by an Ad Agency, they were extremely timely with this Facebook post.

oreo dunk in the dark

2. Listen

Whoever runs the Taco Bell account is a genius. Last year Old Spice tweeted about Fire Sauce, and Taco Bell knew to chime in. You’ll notice that Taco Bell wasn’t even tagged in this Tweet. Taco Bell doesn’t wait to respond when someones tags them, they are proactive and engage with any mentions of their brand. Could the same ad agency manage both Old Spice and Taco Bell? Who knows, but it created great publicity.

Taco Bell and Old Spice

3. Make use of Milestones and the Facebook Timeline

Does your organization have a rich history like Coco-Cola? Use the timeline the way it was meant to be used. Coco-Cola gives you their complete history on their Facebook timeline.


4 & 5 Share content and be old school

If you don’t follow George Takei, you should! This post works so well because it is obviously shared from a fan, but also “itsa me, Mario!”

george takei facebook

6. Ask for Captions

Post a funny photo that aligns with your brand and ask for captions. CBS Sports does this all the time.

CBS Sports Facebook

7. Be Creative

Taco Bell encouraged its fans to follow them on Snapchat for a special announcement. Not only was everyone excited, but they took screen shots of the message and posted it all over social media. The cult following of the beefy crunchy burrito and the Snapchat created a lot of buzz on the internet.