How To Find Your First Tweet

Can you imagine? Twitter is 8 years old! They’re getting older, wiser and still picking their nose. To celebrate their birthday, Twitter released a tool to find your very first tweet, or anyone else’s for that matter. For our 8th birthday, we’re looking back at a few of our favorite first Tweets. You can too. […]

The + Email Trick

If enjoy free trials and saving money, then you’ll want to learn this email trick. Let’s say you want to try Netflix free for a month…again and again. Technically, you can create a new email address every month and get access to a free trial over and over. Instead, you can enter for example […]

Zuckerberg Bashes the Government

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg took to his personal profile to express his frustration with what the government and NSA are doing. He even put a call into the President to express his frustration. I don’t think that we’ll ever escape what Edward Snowden exposed about the NSA.I’m curious what your thoughts are about Zuckerberg expressing his […]

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm for Pages

Facebook announced today (2/25/14) that they are changing their news feed algorithm for pages. What used to be known as Edge Rank had marketers very upset. The statistic was that only 16% of page fans would see a post. This announcement will hopefully turn those marketing frowns around. [Tweet “This announcement will hopefully turn those marketing […]