12 Social Media Tips for Non-Profits

Utilizing social media to tell your non-profits’ story is a fantastic way to build community, but are you doing it right? Let me guess, you have many hats within your organization and you wish you had MORE time to manage your non-profit’s social media pages. In this post, I’ll give you 12 tips to help […]

Best Viral Videos of 2013

A tech friend of mine¬†Alyson Kapin, Founder of Women Who Tech and RAD Campaign, was invited on MSNBC to discuss 2013’s best viral videos. I didn’t see the Dove or Volvo videos until Alyson mentioned them, but the rest did grace my newsfeed. Check out Alyson’s segment and then scroll down for the full videos. […]

I Want to Grow My Blog

Follow @Socially_Gold I want to apologize, I have been slacking with my blog lately and today is the day that I make a change. This blog has opened a few doors for me since starting in 2012, but I want it to open more doors! I need to make this my job, my passion and […]

What is Twitter?

Follow @Socially_Gold This short and sweet video answers the age old question…”What is Twitter?” It really does a great job at explaining what Twitter is, and what it can be used for. It mentions the main reason I enjoy Twitter so much…”You can get perspectives and access that you can’t find anywhere else.” Please share […]