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Twitter to Add Group Chat, Better Search and an Algorithm

Anthony Noto, CFO of Twitter shares thoughts about how Twitter can be more relevant and easier to use.


I prefer Twitter over Facebook because it’s easier to connect with other users who have similar interests from far and wide and it DOESN’T have an algorithm that dictates what I see. According to Anthony Noto, CFO of twitter, an algorithm may be on its way

“If you think about our search capabilities we have a great data set of topical information about topical tweets,” Noto said. “The hierarchy within search really has to lend itself to that taxonomy.” With that comes the need for “an algorithm that delivers the depth and breadth of the content we have on a specific topic and then eventually as it relates to people,” he added.

Now it may be hard for users to sort through every tweet that comes across their feed, but that is what makes Twitter so great! Facebook serves you stories that it thinks you’ll enjoy, which may not always be the case. I understand what Twitter is trying to do. They are trying to get more people using and enjoying their service. If users are getting overwhelmed with an unfiltered stream of tweets, they may ditch the service all together. How do you feel about Twitter playing with what appears in your feed?

Group Chat

We also heard that Twitter may be offering group chat in the future. Right now you can only direct message one person at a time. If there is a need for a multiple person conversation, you’ll have to leave Twitter. This is a change that I’ll welcome.

Twitter Search

Twitter also wants to enhance its search capabilities. The current search is good at best but their new head of product is focusing heavily on search for 2015. 

What do you think?

I’m excited for group chat and a better search experience, but I’m not happy about a potential interference of my feed via an algorithm. College football did away with its computer ranking because of the public outcry of its unpredictability. Don’t NCAA my Twitter feed please!

3 Expert Ways To Engage Your Fans on Twitter



A Sweet Way To Engage Twitter Fans

Here’s a few valuable ways to engage your fans on Twitter. A well-organized social media strategy does not come easily to all brands, but some just get it. In this post, I’ll share three interactions I’ve had on Twitter and what you can learn from them. My number one rule for being social media successful is the ability to engage your fans.

Asking trivia questions is a great way to engage your fans, which is a trend I have been seeing a lot of lately. Let’s start with Publix, my local grocery store, who asked a trivia question about their owner.


I’ll give kudos to Publix for their ability to engage me, but I was disappointed with their response when I asked if I won anything. I do want to point out that their commitment to customer service is fantastic. I’ve had a few problems with their online deli ordering lately, but their social media team was quick to respond and they even sent me a $10 gift card for my trouble. I had another online ordering problem a few weeks later, tweeted them about it and they had the manager call me.

No gift card the second time, but I appreciate their attentiveness to customer service. Needless to say, I googled the answer to the trivia question and they did have a cutesy response letting me know I was right (thanks Wikipedia), but I would have enjoyed winning something for my efforts. If anyone from Publix reads this, can I suggest you offer social media dollars for trivia questions like this? Your fan base would grow exponentially if fans knew they could earn discounted groceries and incentives. I’d be happy as a customer and as a social media enthusiast.

The Sweet Stuff

This is the best way to engage your fans on Twitter I’ve seen. Citrix, the makers of GoToMeeting, the software I use for my social media trainings and coincidentally headquartered in the next town over, deserves a medal for how they engage their fans on Twitter. Citrix also tweeted a trivia question, on Throw Back Thursday (brownie points for that), of an advertisement from many years ago which included fax instructions.


I didn’t google it this time, but my first few guesses were wrong. I took a closer look at the image and saw a 95 in the corner, so I tweeted another guess. The next day, Citrix tweeted that another user and I got it right. Sweet!

The other user beat me to it and asked Citrix (“and we win a….?)” I jokingly asked for a free year of the webinar software I mentioned. The other user already had that, but Citrix did have something better in mind. Also, kudos to GoToMeeting for jumping in on the conversation too. It could be the same person managing both accounts, but still, it’s a great way to engage fans on Twitter.

What I won

I thought it was a joke and that I was just going to get a picture of a cupcake, but au contraire! I am physically getting a cupcake in a jar, mailed to me, courtesy of Citrix and GoToMeeting.

Enter TwitGift

I really thought it was a joke, especially because of my recent Twitter trivia experience with Publix. I clicked the link in the tweet, and was asked for my address, and boom, my cupcake in a jar is on the way to me at work. I wonder if it’s from Wicked Good Cupcake?

TwitGift is a service that allows companies to send gifts to their fans on Twitter. They seem to be in a beta program right now, but this is an unusual, fantastic, amazing and wonderful way to engage an audience on Twitter. I did some research and Citrix uses this often, especially if a customer has a complaint.

Image Credit: 

What amazes me is that Citrix, a tech company, sends me a cupcake in a jar for getting a trivia question right, but Publix, a grocery store, didn’t send me anything. Thanks for spoiling me Citrix, now I’m going to expect a cupcake in a jar from every trivia question I get right. Kudos to you for knowing how to engage your fans on Twitter. I’m going take a photo of my own cupcake when it arrives, post a thanks and a link to this post.

The $12, which is peanuts to a tech company, will pay dividends on the word of mouth front. This post is exhibit A of the payoff their TwitGift purchase has given them.

Honorable Mention

At every Miami Marlins home game, they run a promotion called #TweetYourSeats. They ask fans to tweet their seat location at a given time during the game. Their social media team picks a few winners and offers them “social media dollars”. The dollars can be used to purchase concessions throughout the stadium. I’ve won a few times now and it’s always fun knowing the beer I’m drinking was sourced via a tweet. Thanks social media!



These examples are fantastic ways to engage your audience on Twitter.

Twitter Now Supports GIFs

Hey Tumblr lovers! Twitter announced yesterday that they now support GIFs on the iPhone, Android and GIFs are a series of images animated together to create a looping animation, invented in 1987.

If you are a Silicon Valley fan (If you aren’t, you should be) on HBO, you know that compression is very important. When you post a GIF, Twitter will convert it into a soundless MP4, which helps with load times.

Facebook does not support GIFs, but they do support video that will play in Newsfeed automatically, a relatively new feature. Instagram also supports video.

There are a few ways to create a GIF. Photoshop is my creation tool of choice, but there are tons of GIF generators on Google. If you do use Photoshop, check out this GIF tutorial.

Twitter Announces Pop-Up Notifications

Twitter announced on its blog this week that they will soon roll out pop-up notifications to their web interface. These notifications will be in real-time and will alert you when someone engages with one of your tweets.

When you’re logged in on, you will receive notifications if someone has replied, favorited or retweeted one of your Tweets. You can also receive notifications for direct messages and new followers. They’re fully interactive, so that you can reply, favorite, retweet, and follow right from the notification. We’ll be rolling this feature out over the coming weeks.

If you don’t want to receive these notifications, don’t worry. You can turn them off.

What do you think of this update to Twitter? Let me know in the comments!

Updates to Twitter for Mobile Devices

Twitter made updates to their mobile app this week regarding how you share photos. These Twitter updates will make the sharing of photos more social…and awesome!

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“We’re rolling out two new mobile features that make photos on Twitter more social. One is photo tagging, which lets you tag the people in your photo; the other is the ability to include up to four photos in a Tweet.” says Twitter.


New Features

  • You can tag up to 10 people in a tweet, without sacrificing any characters…WHO HOOO!!!
  • You can upload up to 4 photos in a tweet, which automatically creates a collage. This feature is currently available on iPhone and will soon come to Android and

Here is an example of a tweeted photo with multiple people tagged in it.

The large text in this photo was created by covering the camera in Snap Chat, creating a black screen and then taking a screen shot. 

How can you use this?

This update is exciting for brands because it will allow you to create more engagement around your photos. Also, it will encourage you to post your photos on Twitter, rather then via Instagram and then shared to Twitter.

I always recommend that you shouldn’t share photos on multiple social networks, you want to give a reason for your fans to follow you on both. They are likely to get annoyed if you are posting the same photos multiple times.

What’s your take?

How do you feel about these new features? I’d love it if you shared how you are going to implement this in the comments, so others can learn from what you’re thinking.

I’ll start…This will be really helpful if you are live tweeting an event. You have the ability to create real-time engagement by tagging up to 10 users in a photo, you’ll need to know their name (or username) to tag them of course.

Now it’s your turn to share some potential ideas for these new features. Scroll down and share an idea or two. Also, don’t forget to share this post with friends.

How To Find Your First Tweet

Can you imagine? Twitter is 8 years old! They’re getting older, wiser and still picking their nose. To celebrate their birthday, Twitter released a tool to find your very first tweet, or anyone else’s for that matter.

I first joined Twitter back in 2009. I wish I could say my first tweet was super awesome, but sadly I can’t.

If you are interested in seeing your first tweet, check out I had some extra time, so I searched some others’ first tweets.




I learned about this cool Twitter tool from subscribing to updates whenever Twitter tweets to better manage my updates. Here are a few other ways to manage your Twitter feed. What was your first tweet?

How To Create Custom Twitter Timelines with Tweetdeck

Have you ever wanted to group tweets together about a certain topic or event for your website or blog? Tweetdeck, a project of Twitter, allows you to do just that. In this post, I’ll show you how to create custom timelines with Tweetdeck. These custom timelines can be embedded on your website, viewed on or Tweetdeck will generate a tweet for you with a link to the timeline.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Connect Your Twitter Account using your Twitter credentials

create custom timelines with tweetdeck1


Step 3: Click the “Add Column” Button

create custom timelines with tweetdeck 2

Step 4: Click “Custom Timeline”

create custom timelines with tweetdeck 3

Step 5: Click “+ Create custom timeline”


create custom timelines with tweetdeck 4

Step 6: Determine what content you’d like to add to your timelines. Drag and drop the individual tweet by clicking and holding the right most icon and dragging it to the new column you just created.

create custom timelines with tweetdeck 5

create custom timelines with tweetdeck 6

Step 7: Continue to add more tweets to your custom timelines.

create custom timelines with tweetdeck 7

Step 8: Click the image next to your profile photo and a drop down menu will appear.

create custom timelines with tweetdeck 8

Step 9: click the “Share” button at the bottom of the drop down. You can choose to embed your timeline, link to it, or tweet about it.

create custom timelines with tweetdeck 9

Embedding  a custom Twitter timeline

Step 10: Click the Embed button. You’ll get linked to the Twitter website, where you’ll need to login.

Step 11: Click the “Create Widget” button. Then, copy the HTML code provided and paste that in your website where you want the custom timeline to appear. Scroll down to see what an embedded timeline looks like. T

create custom timelines with tweetdeck 10

Step 12: Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


Twitter Now Has Built-in Analytics

twitter analytics

A few weeks ago I wrote about how to add summaries to your tweets. Adding summaries is great if you have a blog or a website and you want to show a preview image and preview text (see example below) to your tweets. You don’t need to install Twitter summaries to have access to the built-in Twitter analytics, but it’s just a cool advanced feature that not everyone knows how to implement.


How to view Twitter Analytics

A quick side note, I used to use to track and shorten my URLs to test the best time of day to post. Now you can use Twitter analytics to track clicks, it won’t shorten them though. Some users may be skeptical of clicking on shortened links, so this solves that problem.

Navigate to and you’ll be taken to a screen with all your tweets. I’m not sure how far back you can go, but you can keep scrolling and more tweets will load.

Features of Twitter Analytics

  • View your mentions
  • View how many users followed you
  • View how many users unfollowed you
  • View mentions, follows and unfollows by date
  • How many clicks your link received*
  • How many favs, retweets and replies your tweets got
  • You can sort tweets by good, best and all
  • Download a CSV file of all date

*Clicks are not just clicks from within Twitter, but clicks as a whole

There is a disclaimer that says that information is not 100% accurate and should not be used for billing purposes.

You can also…

Get data on your followers. Go to the Followers tab to get information about…

  • Follower growth
  • Follower interests
  • Follower location
  • Follower gender

The Twitter built-in analytics is a great new feature that you can use to track your Twitter activity. The numbers don’t lie as they say on Shark Tank. Do you have anything to add to this post? Share your thoughts in the comments.

How to add a Twitter Follow Button

If you are looking to add custom Twitter buttons to your website outside of the standard plugins, you’ve found the right place. In this post I’ll explain how to add the Twitter follow button to your website. This is a great way to get more Twitter followers too. I’d suggest including it at the top of every page or on your sidebar.

How to add a Twitter Follow Button

Step 1: Go to the Twitter buttons page

Step 2: Twitter offers a few buttons, but we’ll cover the follow button in this tutorial

How to add a Twitter Follow Button

Step 3: Edit the options for your Twitter follow button

. Your username should already be filled out if you are logged into Twitter
. You have the option of your button including your username
. You can choose a large or small button
. You can opt-out of tailoring Twitter. Click the [?] to learn more about that option

How to add a Twitter Follow Button

Step 4: Copy the HTML code on the right

Once you like the way your button looks, copy the html code and paste it in your website where you want the button to be.

Step 5: Enjoy your button

Now that you have installed your Twitter follow button, you should start to see more followers come your way.

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How to Delete Your Twitter Account

Getting tired of Twitter? In this post I’ll show you how to delete your Twitter account.

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Click the gear at the top right and hit Settings.

how to delete your twitter account

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and hit Deactivate my account.

how to delete your twitter account

Step 4: Hit the Deactivate button**

**Twitter will save your data for 30 days just in case you no longer want to delete your Twitter account. After 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted. 

how to delete your twitter account

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