How to Create a Movement

How to Create a Movement

This has to be one of my favorite videos. It’s short, sweet and you learn so much!

Awesome video right? The shirtless man, whether he intended to to start a movement or not, did. His care free attitude, if you can call it that, lead to the start of something great. It lead to a lesson on leadership, can be applied to social media and all out awesome.

He was nurturing to his first follower, which made him feel accepted, engaged and likely to stay and recruit his friends. The second follower can also be considered a leader. He had the guts to join the shirtless man and go all out without hesitation. Soon enough, more and more people joined, which created the movement.

To be a leader, you have to know how to follow. It wasn’t about the lone shirtless dancer anymore, it transitioned into a cause. A cause that got people moving, dancing and having a good time.

How can you apply it to social media?

If you are conveying a message, embrace those who engage with you whole heartedly. Others will see how engaging you are and want to jump in dancing with their shirts off too! Be transparent and others will appreciate that. The mob mentality will set in, just be patient.

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