How to Get More Followers on Twitter

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

So you have a Twitter account and you are asking yourself “How Do I Get Twitter Followers?” In this post I’ll explain how.

Example 1.

Twitter for Business

If you are using Twitter to promote your business or website, follow those who follow a competitor or similar business. If you are a restaurant who wants more followers on Twitter, start following users who follow other restaurants nearby. You can assume that those users are interested in receiving updates from restaurants in Miami and will follow you back.

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more followers on Twitter

This restaurant has 1,638 followers and is following 1,996 people. The above image is a list of followers that this restaurant is following. I would guess they use this same technique on how to gain more Twitter Followers since they are following 1,996 but only 1,638 follow them.

If you were another local restaurant, follow these Twitter users and some, not all will start to follow you back.

Caution: This technique is only mildy accepted and not all Twitter users who you follow will follow you back. Once you do gain a Twitter follower, make sure you welcome them and engage. Don’t know how to do that? Read more about increasing your social media engagement.

Example 2.

Twitter for Bloggers.

Let’s use a fashion blog for another example. Start following those who follow other fashion blogs on Twitter. Again, you can assume that those currently following a fashion blog will be receptive to following another. This technique will also give you a window into what followers of a fashion blog are interested in, which can help you cater your posts or tweets.

more followers on Twitter

Refinery29 is a supreme fashion blog. Follow their followers and you’ll start to see an influx in yours. Once you start earning more followers on Twitter, don’t forget to engage, engage and engage!

Have you used this technique to get more followers on Twitter? Let us know in the comments.

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Example 3.

Follow a #hashtag

When I first started learning and blogging about social media, I searched the hashtag #socialmedia and engaged with those asking questions and commenting on links that were shared. Engaging with others lead to not only getting more followers on Twitter, but it lead to valuable relationships. Search whatever interests you and start engaging.

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