Create Social Media Share Links

Create Social Media Share Links


A trend inВ web designВ is to create social media share links, and when clicked on, encourage users to write a comment about the website in question. В The idea is to increase web traffic, and ideally, convert leads into new customers.

This is an Example of a Facebook Share Link

<a href=”“>Share This Link on Facebook</a>

ReplaceВ https://sociallygold.comВ with your website URL.

The below image is generated by clicking a Facebook share link.

Create a Facebook Share Link

The Facebook share link strategy is useful to encourage your fans to share your web page/blog to their friends on Facebook and other social media sites.

This is an example of a Twitter share link

<a href=”“>
Share This on Twitter</a>

ReplaceВВ with your website url or Twitter handle. В

Create a Twitter Shate Link Do you use social media share links on your web site/blog? Let us know in the comments!

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