What is Vine?

What is Vine?

When asked what the next BIG thing in social media is, my answer is Vine. What is Vine? Vine is a 6 second video sharing mobile app, originally on iOS, that allows users to get creative when uploading videos. Acquired by Twitter in October 2012, Vine app has already seen changes since it’s launch. Vine enabled front facing camera recording to much acclaim and they also released an Android app on June 3, 2012.

How do I use Vine?

You can follow users like you would on Instagram, you can also comment and give a Vine a smiley Face. I enjoy browsing Editors Picks as well as the #magic hash tag. There is also a section of trending Vines. You can also flat-out search Vine for anything you could possibly think of.

Vine has many uses, and allows its users to be unbelievably creative. I have used it to post social media quick tips. You can’t browse Vine easily online, but you can view them via a web browser if someone shares or embeds the Vine. Twitter also allows Vine to play in your Twitter feed. Twitter is very protective over which apps can show in your feed via Twitter Cards. Instagram made headlines because Twitter was longer allowing instagramed photos to appear in the feed. Vine is becoming so popular that brands are soliciting users to create Vines on behalf of their product.

Vine Analytics Report

If you do decide to be on Vine, and you want to track your engagement, you can do so with the help of Simply Measured’s Vine analytics tool. You’ll need to have tweeted at least 3 Vines in the last 7 days and have a public Twitter account.

Should I be on Vine?

You don’t have to be on every social network that exists. If you are considering using it for your brand or organization, I suggest diving in with a personal account, figuring out what it is, and how to use it before creating a branded account. You may find that Vine isn’t for you, but there is nothing worse than a dead account. Try creating a vine once a week, but since this is a rather new social network, don’t overdo it.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, posts Vines quite often and up until the release of the app, or perhaps acquisition of Vine, he didn’t Tweet very much at all. You can also follow Vine users like Adam Goldberg, who also post a ton of Vines. There are endless creative ways to use Vine and you’ll see it evolve in the months to come. Are you a Vine User? Let us know in the comments and share a link to one of your Vines.