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Twitter is Making Headlines

By Adam Goldberg Twitter has been in the news the last two days for two different reasons. Instagram is flapping it’s wings at Instagram and it’s also reducing it’s alloted characters. Twitter recently added cards to your feed, which allows you to directly view images without viewing them on an external site. Instagram recently took […]

What is Twitter Really For?

  By Adam Goldberg I am beginning to enjoy using Twitter over Facebook. I tweeted at friends and colleagues, whom are into social media strategy, and asked them if they preferred Twitter over Facebook and why? I use both Facebook and Twitter to promote my blog, engage with fans and stay up to date with news. After checking the site […]

What is Twitter?

by Adam Goldberg Have you ever needed to explain what Twitter is? I use Twitter everyday, both personally and professionally and admittedly felt challenged making this presentation. Below are easy to understand slides explaining what Twitter is. You’ll learn about… . Hash tags . @replies . trending topcs . Public vs. Private Accounts . Retweets You’ll […]

3 ways Twitter is better than Facebook

  1. Twitter Secrets – When tweeting at someone or replying and your first character in the tweet is the “@” symbol, only those who follow you and the person you are tagging will see it that tweet. “@socially_gold I love your blog! #Awesome” – Only those who follow you and me with see this tweet […]