What is Twitter Really For?

What is Twitter Really For?


By Adam Goldberg

I amВ beginningВ to enjoy using Twitter over Facebook. В I tweeted at friends andВ colleagues, whom are into social media strategy,В and asked them if they preferredВ Twitter over Facebook and why?

I use both Facebook and Twitter to promote my blog, engage with fans and stay up to date with news. After checking the site stats on my blog, I find that traffic comes more from Twitter over Facebook. Mark Cuban, outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, recently was written up in the Huffington Post,В as being frustrated with Facebook’s Newsfeed, Promoted Posts and engagement.

I wanted to see what my Twitter friends thought about the two platforms, and to see if they felt the same way I was feeling about Facebook. Facebook pages are challenging in that roughly 16% of your fans will see your post and even less will engage with it.

I asked Christina…”Do you prefer Twitter over Facebook?”

While Christina prefers Twitter, she does have a liking for Facebook too. I imagine she is eluding to all the photos and “day in the life” posts people post on Facebook.

Joel makes a great point! I learn a lot about what is happening in the world via hashtags and Tweets from news outlets. Mostly as it’s unfolding, which is #awesome!


Interesting topics via #Hashtags! Love It!

I would agree with Kevin in that I connect with friends and family on Facebook more then Twitter. As more of my close friends migrate, I believe that will change.


I’ll admit, Facebook is great for showcasing friends lives! Sometimes it’s like the Price is Right Showcase Showdown! Who can post the most absurd status update?


I do like how I get all my social media news from Twitter. Short and Sweet wins the race.

It is much easier to use! My Facebook timeline is full of unimportant information. I use Instagram and Facebook for photos; Twitter for industry news and connecting with like minded people.

Agreed! When I want to comment on funny photos and posts from my friends I go to FB. Twitter is party responsible for most of what I know about the social media world. ThanksВ Twitter!

Another vote for Twitter being quick and easy! @tagging does allow for personalization! Great Point!

Also agreed! I prefer Twitter because it is social mediaВ acceptableВ to connect with strangers. Yes, Twitter can be a stream ofВ consciousness, but that is also anВ acceptedВ practice inside Twitter, В but not as much within Facebook.

Here is another point for Twitter! Sharon has it right. I use Facebook for friends I already have and Twitter to make new ones.

Key Takeaways:В

. Of those I asked, no one overwhelmingly favored Twitter to Facebook or vice versa.

. Facebook is good for connecting with friends. Twitter is good for quick news, thoughts and connecting with new people.

. People on Twitter like talking. Ask them a question, and they’ll respond. 😉


Do you have an argument advocating for Twitter or Facebook? Let us know in the comments.