3 ways Twitter is better than Facebook


1. Twitter Secrets – When tweeting at someone or replying and your first character in the tweet is the “@” symbol, only those who follow you and the person you are tagging will see it that tweet.

“@socially_gold I love your blog! #Awesome” – Only those who follow you and me with see this tweet

“.@socially_gold I love your blog! #Awesome – The “.” in front of the @symbol allows everyone to see it

“The @socially_gold blog is #awesome! – Everyone that follows you will see this tweet.

2. Friending vs Following – I can follow you, and you don’t have to follow me. Unless your Twitter account is blocked, I can also view your feed without you even knowing. Once we become friends on Facebook, we are both receiving each others updates.

3. Connecting – It is considered acceptable and encouraged to follow and connect with people you don’t know on Twitter. It’s frowned upon to submit friend requests to people you do not know on Facebook.

Why do you think Twitter is better than Facebook? Let us know in the comments.