10 Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Campaign

10 Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Campaign


SociallyGold was born 8 months ago and I thought I would do a recap on what I have learned so far. Blogging and managing online communities has taught me a lot in my first 8 months of blogging. Below you’ll find my takeaways so far.

Be Engaging –В В Treat your online friends like real friends. Let them talk about themselves, don’t overshare and be responsive.

. Brand engagement and trust will come, but not overnight. If you aren’tВ genuine, your community will see right through that. Be patient and your hard work will pay off.

CreativeВ verbiageВ or copy –В Use vague blog titles and tweets to entice readers to read more. An example is…








. Engagement –В Involve your fans in your posts, or people you want to make new fans. В I’ve done two posts about Twitter in this format, and why users enjoy it. I used their responses in the post and tweeted them after about their inclusion. The two articles I have used this technique with received more views then a normal post. The idea is that, when you tweet them about them about their inclusion, they’ll get excited and Retweet your article.

– I love Twitter!В

– What is Twitter for?


. Email Marketing – If you are like me, you get tons of emails. Use subject lines that encourage your readers to read more. I have seen emails with subject lines that say “Weekly Newsletter,” Compare that to “Are you violating Facebook’s terms and conditions?” This example uses fear to get attention. Don’t use too much fear рџ™‚

. Write about relevant topics – It’s reallyВ importantВ to make sure that you are writing about topics that your audience is interested in. You’ll bore them if you go off topic and they’ll be less likely to come back.

. The numbers В 100,000 fans are great and all, but if none of them comment, like, tweet, retweet, @reply or @tag you. What good are they? В A smaller vocal community is more valuable then a larger indifferent and silent community.

. Use Facebook Insights to test popular posts – As a page admin, you can sort every post by “engaged users” in Facebook Insights. Use that data to see what your fans are interested in. Below is sorted by month and the most engaged users. This would tell me that Polls wereВ popularВ this month? I should also be posting more about Instagram.

Syndication –В Don’t syndicate all your channels. NO ONE wants to hear you repeat yourself. Watch this video to see my feelings about linking Facebook and Twitter accounts.

. Think Creatively –В You are competing with a lot of emails, Tweets, Facebook posts andВ В Instagrams. Do what you can to stand out and you’ll see results.


Is there anything I missed. Do you have any tips you would like to offer the social media community? Let us know in the comments?