3 Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Campaign

“I want butts in the seats” and I want “money in my pocket.” is the wrong way to asses your social media success. If you are looking for a tangible number to associate with your social media efforts, you’ll need to reassess.

A social media campaign should have a goal of creating brand trust, brand engagement and a customer service outlet. If you are bogged down by receiving a direct return on investment (ROI), you are missing the boat on why social media works and why it doesn’t.

1.В Brand Engagement –В If you look at a big brand’s Facebook Page like Coco-Cola or Taco Bell, you rarely see them posting about how much a can of soda or a taco costs. They use creative images and witty status updates to to engage you with their page. It’s that engaging personality that makes you want to buy their product in the end.

2Customer Service –В Frustrated and also happy customers are taking their comments to social media more now then ever. If you have an onlineВ presence where folks can voice their opinion, you’ll earn their trust and the trust of their friends.

3. Brand Trust –В Your fans and followers are more likely to listen to you if they trust you. Brand trust doesn’t happen over night, but onceВ achieved, you’ll see a dramatic change in how people interact with your brand via social media and in person.

A return on your social media investment, whether it be time or money, will come once you understand brand trust, engagement and customer service.

Know of any other brands that do social media well? Let us know in the comments.