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Facebook Character Limit

  I never knew the exact number of characters that Facebook was limited to, until today! I saw an article today that listed the Facebook character limit at 5,000. Previously, I thought the character limit was 16,000, but today I decided to manually determine what the character limit was. I typed in the letter “h” […]

My New Social Media Strategy

Iv’e decided to implement a form of the scientific method with my social media strategy. I love writing in my blog and I have seen an upward trend in visitors from month to month, but only a slight increase. I want to keep this upward trend going and going, but I also want to test […]

Business to Business Social Media

The title of this article was chosen using the Google Keyword Tool. “Business to Business Social Media” is searched 90,500 times globally and 40,500 locally. I wrote an article exclusively for social media today about how to effectively use social media for business to business marketing. I touch on the following points in the article. . […]