How Effective Is Social Media?

How Effective Is Social Media?

how effective is social mediaSocial Media can be as effective as you want it to be, you just need to know what you are doing. An obvious statement, but posting on Facebook is not the only answer to your marketing needs. It takes time to build trust with your fans. Once that trust is built, you’ll see a return on your social media investment.

Social Media is not free, it takes time and adequate resources to get the most out of it. Have you thought about what your social media strategy is? A good place to start is setting goals. Create a social media posting calendar and stick to it. You’ll see a steady increase engagement if you are consistent with your postings. There is a fine line between not posting enough and over posting. Try three times a week and vary your mediums. Try a status update on Monday, a picture on Wednesday and a video on Friday.

PRO TIP: Use Friday as your “fun” posting day. Your fans are excited that it’s Friday, and you should be too!

Share and get shared is one of the fundamental principals of social media effectiveness. Your goal should be to create compelling content which provokes your fans to share. If you post the same content repeatedly, your fans will get board. A dynamic posting schedule will do you well.

Ask Questions of your fans to get to know what they are looking for. If you ask your fans what meal you should serve at your next event, they’ll have buy-in to the event and be more likely to come. This example engages them online and offline as well.

Likes don’t matter has been my mantra lately. I could care less about how many I have, but I do care about the user experience of my fans. The key is to give your fans value, solve their problems and keep them wanting more.

The effects of social media will pay off if you do the following…

– Market your social media pages on and off line.

– Be consistent

– Be responsive

– Be patient

– Employ a content marketing strategy

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