3 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Conversation

3 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Conversation

I research a lot of Facebook Pages, and I noticed that a lot are used as announcement boards and not conversation zones, which makes them easy to ignore, especially if those messages are constantly repeated. It’s important to have a social media strategy.

1. Asking Questions is the easiest way to enhance the conversation. Think about it, if two people are having an in person conversation and no one is asking questions, there is no back and forth. The back and forth is what you want. It will attract the friends of your fans, which helps you grow.

2. No one cares how many Likes you have. I would rather have 100 Likes from people who constantly comment, Like and Share then 1,000 Likes who don’t at all. 16% of your fans see your posts and only 1% engage (without promoting your posts or ads). Use those numbers as motivation and try and beat those percentages.

If you constantly announce how many Likes you have and your request for more, your current fans will get annoyed. Value the fans you do have, new fans will come when you do that. You are not providing any value or solving any problems by asking for more Likes. Your fans Like you because they think they will get something out of it. Give them a fear of missing out (FOMO) if they don’t like you.

3. Solving a problem will keep your users engaged and coming back. Your messages will get ignored if they find zero value in what you are providing.


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