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How to Increase Facebook Reach

In this post I’ll show you an example of how to increase your Facebook Reach. Facebook reach is defined as “the number of unique people who have seen your post. Figures are for the first 28 days after a posts’ publication only.” Facebook insights gives you a fabulous amount of information, but it is only as good […]

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a relatively new term that refers to the act of raising money by asking a crowd for money to fund your idea, project or to help you reach your goal to produce something. In this post I’ll share more details about crowdfunding, why it does and doesn’t work and I’ll ask for your […]

Free Facebook Event Strategy Webinar

If you saw my tweets this past week, you saw some great content from the Non-profit technology conference. In addition to writing a post or two about what I learned, I wanted to introduce a new Facebook event strategy that will take a bit of a shift in thinking, but should be really effective. Wondering […]

Facebook Updates Admin Panel

When I logged into Facebook today, I noticed that Facebook updated the admin panel. When you navigate to your page, you’ll notice a list of recent postings and their Total Reach. If you Google “measuring Facebook engagement”, you’ll find many opinions on ways to calculate it. I would recommend using Total Reach as a measure as it is defined […]

Merge Facebook Pages

Update: 8.17.13 Facebook changed the look and feel of the settings since this article was originally published. Step 1: On your page. Click Edit Page at the top of your admin panel. Make sure you are logged in as yourself, and not your page. Step 2: Select Merge Pages and click Merge duplicate Pages Step 3: Fill out the […]