3 Ways You Are Using Facebook Wrong | A Social Media Strategy

3 Ways You Are Using Facebook Wrong | A Social Media Strategy

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A lot of Facebook pages are missing the boat. They don’t know how to create a social media strategy, and they are on social media because they think they have to be. Social media is about building relationships, not earning money or getting butts in the seats. Once you establish a relationship with your fans, butts and money will come.

I login as my SociallyGold Facebook Page to monitor a lot of business pages and I have started engaging with them. I am giving unsolicited advice, but the advice is in the form of compliments. Those that I give advice to will either love it or hate it, but I am using Facebook as it is intended, to engage.

Is your Facebook Page an Announcement Board?

You have a lot of things going on, we get it. Don’t use your Facebook to just announce all your events, that’s boring. Ask questions, get their feedback and use it to better your businesses. Once they see that you are listening and responding, your engagement rate will go up. Who wants to listen to someone talk all day?

Are you overposting?

Facebook now shows you how many people see your posts. To any novice social media manager, they would assume that the more they post, the more people will see their information. You’re going to annoy your audience by doing that. I try not to post more then 3 times a day with my business page and not within 3 hours of each other. You also don’t need to post everyday.

Are you not being responsive?

If your fan asks you a question on Facebook, you better respond. Social media is instant, so make sure you have the proper alerts setup so you are notified accordingly. Social media is quicker then email and you will please your fans by being immediately responsive. Your page should work on building recognition and trust, not an attempt at making money. The money will come, trust me.

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