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Top 13 Reasons to Use Eventbrite for Events

Eventbrite is a robust web based event management software that will help you manage ticket sales, promotion, information collecting and more for your event. In this post, I’ll share my top 13 reasons to use Eventbrite for events. I’ve written about using Eventbrite to get accurate RSVPS before, but this post will go more in […]

Florida Police Officer Live Tweets His Shift

Have you ever wanted to go on a police ride along like Kevin Hart and Ice Cube? Now you can by following @BBPD and the hashtag #ridewithBBPD on Twitter. Officer Ron Ryan with the Boynton Beach Police Department will live tweet his shifts periodically starting 2/18. Jay Leno, may his legend live forever, included police blotter […]

Buy Starbucks for Friends with Twitter

Starbucks has announced a a new partnership with Twitter, Tweet-a-Coffee. You can now purchase a $5 gift card and send it to a friend on Twitter. All you have to do is link you Starbucks account to your Twitter handle, which you can do here. To encourage users to do this, Starbucks is giving $5 […]

What is LinkedIn?

  I get asked this all time. “Hey SociallyGold” “Yes?” “What is LinkedIn?” I joined LinkedIn when I was a junior in college because it was the hot new thing. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t used LinkedIn very often. I wanted to be able to answer this question, but I knew I […]

Testimonial: University of Texas Hillel

Israel Advocacy through social media is the next big thing. Well at least at the Univeristy of Texas that is. Just a few months ago I applied to the Israel on Campus Coalition for a grant to fund a new initiative I was hoping to start. Together with Ayala Peer, the Israel Fellow on my […]

Unplug Yourself Challenge

Last night I co-sponsored a student led conversation about what it’s like to not have your phone. The conversation began with a request of everyone to place their phones in the middle of the circle. I was impressed that there wasn’t much hesitation. As connected as we all are, it was nice to give up my […]

4 ways to not annoy your audience on social media.

    This post was composed with my mobile device. Please excuse any spelling errors If you treat social media as you do your friends in real life, you’ll find success. Below are examples of how we can relate what we know about interpersonal communication and translate that to social media. 1. Be welcoming When someone […]