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Top 13 Reasons to Use Eventbrite for Events


Eventbrite is a robust web based event management software that will help you manage ticket sales, promotion, information collecting and more for your event. In this post, I’ll share my top 13 reasons to use Eventbrite for events.

I’ve written about using Eventbrite to get accurate RSVPS before, but this post will go more in depth about its features as well as a way to save $100 in fees for new members. Keep reading for that.

Free to use if you are not collecting money

I first started using Eventbrite as a non-paying user when I was organizing weekly dinners for college students. Using Facebook events never yielded accurate RSVP lists and I knew there had to be a better way. Eventbrite is free to use if you are not collecting money for your event.

Social Media Promotion Tools

Eventbrite integrates with Facebook and will tell event goers which of their friends will be attending the event as well.

Eventbrite facebook promotion

Eventbrite Social Steam

As an event organizer, when you link your social media accounts (Twitter or Instagram) you can pull in photos posted during or after your event using your event hashtag.

Eventbrite social stream

Embed event widgets on your website

If you prefer to link invitees to your website, you have a few options of how you can embed Evenbrite buttons…

Eventbrite Embed Widgets

Easily email event attendees 

Eventbrite makes it easy to communicate with your event attendees with a built-in email system. A reminder email is automatically generated, which sends 24-hours prior to to the start of your event.

You can also modify the auto-mated response that is sent to the registrant.

Eventbrite Email Tools

Discount codes

As an event marketer, you may need to incentivize people to attend your event with a discount. I offer discounts to subscribers of my blog for my social media trainings.

Affiliate Program

Eventbrite has a built-in system to encourage your event goers to encourage their friends to sign up as well. You can set a monetary incentive for friends to invite friends. I suggest adding a link to the affiliate program in the automated response email sent to registrants once they sign up. I only do this for paid events.

Credit Card Processing and Eventbrite Fees


The PayPal processing fee is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction in USD (fees vary by country/currency and are subject to change at PayPal’s discretion).


The processing fee is just 3% of the value per transaction in U.S. dollars (3.5% internationally), and all fees are collected automatically (no monthly invoices to pay).


$100 in sales – 10 tickets sold for $10 each

With PayPal you’ll Pay $5.90 in processing fees

2.9%*$100 = $2.90 + $0.30*10 = $5.90

With Eventbrite you’ll pay $3 in processing fees

3%*$100 = $3

Whichever service you decide to use to process payments, you are still responsible for Eventbrite fees, which are separate from credit card processing fees. 

Eventbrite Fees

$100 in sales – 10 tickets sold for $10 each

Eventbrite charges 2.5% of the ticket price and $0.99 per ticket sold. 

2.5%*$100 = $2.50 + $0.99*10 = $9.90

Total fees with PayPal fees and Eventbrite fees = $5.90+$9.90 = $15.80


Total fees with Eventbrite credit card processing and Eventbrite fees = $3+$9.90 = $12.90

If you use Eventbrite to process payments while using Eventbrite, you’ll pay less in fees then what you would pay by using PayPal. 


Eventbrite will direct deposit into your bank account 5 days after the event is over. Once you have received your payout, you won’t be able to use Eventbrite to refund any tickets.

Reserved Seating

A new feature to Eventbrite will let you have registrants pick their seats, similar to picking one on an airplane or for a concert.

Save $100 in Eventbrite fees

First time Eventbrite users can save $100 in fees with this promotional offer. 

If you need help setting up your first paid Eventbrite event, contact me and I’ll help you set it up or I can look it over to make sure you are using it effectively. Contact me to learn more. 

Eventbrite Non-Profit Discount

If you’re a 501 (c ) (3) organization, you are qualified to receive a reduced service fee of 2.0% + $0.99 per ticket. Standard credit card fees still apply.

Want to learn more about Eventbrite?

I’m hosting a free “How to use Eventbrite” webinar on September, 17 2014 at 7:30pm EST. Register now because this webinar will fill up fast! 

Florida Police Officer Live Tweets His Shift

boynton beach police tweeting

Have you ever wanted to go on a police ride along like Kevin Hart and Ice Cube? Now you can by following @BBPD and the hashtag #ridewithBBPD on Twitter. Officer Ron Ryan with the Boynton Beach Police Department will live tweet his shifts periodically starting 2/18. Jay Leno, may his legend live forever, included police blotter updates in his headlines segment for the laughs. This is police blotter 2.0! Officer Ryan adds personality to the tweets, making mundane police activity a new form of entertainment.








What we can learn from this…

. Add your own personality to your tweets and pick a unique voice
. Engage with your audience
. Create a unique hashtag so users can contribute to the conversation
. Promote what you’re up to in advance and get others talking about you
. Don’t be afraid to try something new

Officer Ryan is being touted as the first police officer to tweet during his shift, but he won’t be the last. Twitter is being used to engage a community in real-time. This a great example of what to do on Twitter how to stand out amongst others.

What do you think? 

I’d love your thoughts on what @BBPD is doing on Twitter. Is this a good or bad idea? Should local law enforcement put down Twitter and focus on fighting crime, or should they continue to embrace new technology?

Buy Starbucks for Friends with Twitter

starbucks tweet-a-cofee
Starbucks has announced a a new partnership with Twitter, Tweet-a-Coffee. You can now purchase a $5 gift card and send it to a friend on Twitter. All you have to do is link you Starbucks account to your Twitter handle, which you can do here.

To encourage users to do this, Starbucks is giving $5 gift cards if you buy one for a friend using your Visa card. The first 100,000 users to do this will get to take advantage of the offer.

What do you think of this new partnership? Let us know in the comments.


Become a SociallyGold Brand Advocate



It’s time to take SociallyGold to the next level, and what better way to do that through Brand Advocates. Other social media brands have loyal fans who share their content and navigate to their page as to not miss out. As a brand advocate, you’ll earn a free seat in one of my social media courses, for yourself or to give away.

What do you have to do?

As a brand advocate, I’ll ask that you share my next 5 articles as of 5/29/13 on one of your social media sites. Of course, I’d like you to share articles forever, but it will only take 5 to earn yourself the seat. I’ll also ask you tag SociallyGold on Facebook or Twitter (@socially_Gold) so I know you have shared.

Why Brand Advocates?

Every brand or organization should have brand advocates. People that are loyal fans who share your content because it is so compelling. As a brand advocate, your friends connected to you will know that you are a SociallyGold Brand advocate.

What do you get?

In addition to a free seat in my social media course, if you so choose, you’ll get a landing page on with your name in lights, a short bio and links to any websites you are associated with. This will help get your body of work to the world as well.

Sound like a plan?

Notify me of your interest via email and I’ll be on the lookout for your 5 shares. Looking forward to having you as a SociallyGold Brand Advocate.


What is LinkedIn?


I get asked this all time. “Hey SociallyGold” “Yes?” “What is LinkedIn?” I joined LinkedIn when I was a junior in college because it was the hot new thing. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t used LinkedIn very often. I wanted to be able to answer this question, but I knew I had to reach out to others so they can explain what LinkedIn is and how they use it. If you have a specefic use for LinkedIn, send an email to so I can add you to this post. I’ll only connect with someone on LinkedIn once iv’e met them. I get the impression that is frowned upon to reach out to people whom you don’t know. Below are LinkedIn use cases that I believe you’ll find beneficial.

Sean Akaks Executive Recruiter – TheLions

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 8.56.10 PMMy experience with LinkedIn will likely be different that of the average user, as my professional work depends on it. While at work, I spend about half of my time on this social network. I work for a technology sales recruiting firm in San Francisco called TheLions, and we have a custom-built platform that leverages LinkedIn data to fuel our network of candidates. Traditionally, LinkedIn has been a very powerful tool for companies looking to hire top talent, and for professionals looking for networking opportunities and getting their foot in the door into companies. Recently, however, Linkedin has made a big push for widespread adoption amongst more users than job seekers and those involved in hiring. They have developed and put focus on their “Today” feature, which basically aggregates top articles tailored to your industry and interests. Earlier this month, the company announced that they are acquiring Pulse, the web/mobile newsreader. Their hope is that Pulse’s technology will better help target and customize articles that users will be most interested in, so that one might use LinkedIn on a more regular basis.

Jacob Rosen Development Associate – Hillel at Kent State University 

what is LinedInI’ve been a basic LinkedIn user since March 2009. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is like your virtual online resume, with an added social networking component. Much like a resume, you can’t ignore your LinkedIn profile for too long. It really should be a living, breathing document, even though it’s most useful in the job hunt. I have 522 connections — and counting — on LinkedIn, from all sorts of professional and social circles. I’m not particularly active every day, but I have it bookmarked on my Google Chrome, I try to keep active on my connection requests and I try to immediately re-endorse when a friend gives me a nod. My profile should be updated more frequently and more thoroughly than it is, but it’s a wasted opportunity if you don’t use LinkedIn at least this much.



Anna Beyerle Strategic Communication Specialist


Like Facebook, LinkedIn has a Facebook-esque “news feed” that alerts you when your professional connections change their profiles, get a new job, join new groups, etc. After I graduated from college, I had a year-long contract position with a company, and LinkedIn was a great resource when I started searching for new opportunities. You have the ability to search for specific companies and see their employees that have LinkedIn profiles, which can be incredibly helpful when you’re looking to connect with a person at a specific company. I reached out to an employee with an interesting-sounding job description at a company I was interested in on LinkedIn to chat about her job, and wound up getting a job listing out of the conversation that I never would have received otherwise (success story: I ended up getting the job). It’s a fabulous networking tool, especially when you’re looking to get into a new market, but also great for keeping up with old connections.

Testimonial: University of Texas Hillel

KaylaIsrael Advocacy through social media is the next big thing. Well at least at the Univeristy of Texas that is. Just a few months ago I applied to the Israel on Campus Coalition for a grant to fund a new initiative I was hoping to start. Together with Ayala Peer, the Israel Fellow on my campus, we created a fellowship through which four students would advocate for Israel on the web.

Each of the four fellows is in charge of a different method of social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a blog. A part of this fellowship includes flying in different professionals to train the four fellows in both Israel Advocacy and Social Media. When I heard about Adam Goldberg and his blog, Socially Gold, I knew he was exactly what I was looking for, someone who understands the Hillel world and who also knows the ins and outs of social media.

After exchanging a few e-mails we agreed on a date to fly Adam to Austin. We also elected to have continued support from Adam as I knew his expertise would be critical in helping the four fellows really get their social media initiative off the ground. Adam has been extremely helpful throughout this whole process helping to create a social media strategy as well as staying in touch with all of the fellows by checking in with them regularly.

My hope is that other campuses will be able to follow the model we have created because I truly believe that social media is a huge component in reaching out to new students and keeping a modern face in an ever changing world.

Interested in applying for an Israel Advocacy Grant?

You can download the grant application that I used here.

Check out Texans for Israel at these links:

Unplug Yourself Challenge

Last night I co-sponsored a student led conversation about what it’s like to not have your phone. The conversation began with a request of everyone to place their phones in the middle of the circle. I was impressed that there wasn’t much hesitation. As connected as we all are, it was nice to give up my phone, even it was just for 20 minutes.

Each of the 30 or so participants spoke one-by-one about a time when they didn’t have their phone. Are we addicted to checking our email, facebook and twitter notifications? Can we go without it for a day? An article was shared telling the plight of a businessman who went on vacation, disconnected and the challenges that he experienced. The man needed to setup an emergency email address that was active, just in case his colleagues needed to reach him, so he couldn’t disconnect 100% even if he wanted to.

The conversation had a lot of participation and the students were eager to share how difficult it was to go without their phones, whether they lost it, broke it, dropped it in the toilet or didn’t have service due to trips to a another country. I am very guilty of being tied to my phone and freaking out if I don’t have it.

One of my contributions to the conversation was of a restaurant I heard about that will give patrons a discount for checking in their phones at the hostest stand. I see countless couples not talking to each other and glaring into their phones, which I am even guilty of. Perhaps we need to consciously give up our phones and have real life conversations with those in our life more often.

The organization REBOOT hosts a National Day Of Unplugging, in which you pledge to unplug for a 24 hour period. The 2013 day of unplugging is March 1-2.

Comment on this post below if you will join me for the National Day of Unplugging and any anxieties you have about doing it.



4 ways to not annoy your audience on social media.



This post was composed with my mobile device. Please excuse any spelling errors

If you treat social media as you do your friends in real life, you’ll find success. Below are examples of how we can relate what we know about interpersonal communication and translate that to social media.

1. Be welcoming

When someone comes to your house? What do you do? You welcome them right? When someone joins your group or page, what do you do? You should welcome new users with open arms. They are much more likely to come back if they feel welcomed.

2. Be a good listener

At a party, if someone is talking about themselves and not letting you speak, or not acknowledging your questions, it’s annoying right? Your social media page should reflect yourself only 40% of the time. Let others share their story too. Better yet, if you do a feature a fan of the week/month, you’ll get folks knocking down your door to be featured.

3. Be responsive

When you mention something to someone and they ignore you, it can be frustrating right? Make sure you respond to every comment on your page. Your fans will likely comment again knowing they’ll get a response.

4. Show gratitude

If someone shares their lunch with you, they’ll get annoyed if you don’t say thank you. Keep that in mind when someone shares some of your content. Thank them for sharing, they’ll appreciate it and be more likely to share in the future.

The golden rule is to treat others as you want to be treated. If you follow these guidelines, engagement and trust in your brand will follow.

Do you find these tips helpful?