4 ways to not annoy your audience on social media.



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If you treat social media as you do your friends in real life, you’ll find success. Below are examples of how we can relate what we know about interpersonal communication and translate that to social media.

1. Be welcoming

When someone comes to your house? What do you do? You welcome them right? When someone joins your group or page, what do you do? You should welcome new users with open arms. They are much more likely to come back if they feel welcomed.

2. Be a good listener

At a party, if someone is talking about themselves and not letting you speak, or not acknowledging your questions, it’s annoying right? Your social media page should reflect yourself only 40% of the time. Let others share their story too. Better yet, if you do a feature a fan of the week/month, you’ll get folks knocking down your door to be featured.

3. Be responsive

When you mention something to someone and they ignore you, it can be frustrating right? Make sure you respond to every comment on your page. Your fans will likely comment again knowing they’ll get a response.

4. Show gratitude

If someone shares their lunch with you, they’ll get annoyed if you don’t say thank you. Keep that in mind when someone shares some of your content. Thank them for sharing, they’ll appreciate it and be more likely to share in the future.

The golden rule is to treat others as you want to be treated. If you follow these guidelines, engagement and trust in your brand will follow.

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