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My New Social Media Strategy

Iv’e decided to implement a form of the scientific method with my social media strategy. I love writing in my blog and I have seen an upward trend in visitors from month to month, but only a slight increase. I want to keep this upward trend going and going, but I also want to test […]

PopTip – The Newest Twitter Add on

While scanning through my Twitter feed today, I noticed that the Miami Dolphins used a Twitter Polling service called PopTip. I get a lot of my social media ideas from big brands, but this is the first time a sports team gave me an idea. Which aspect of the off-season are you most excited about? […]

How to get more retweets.

How could you not want more retweets. Quick Sprout put together this handy infographic on how to do just that. A RT will get your tweets shared to the networks of their followers. Make sure to thank them for a Retweet and they’ll be likely to do it again. I found this infographic from Timothy Carter’s […]

Guest Post: My Internet Peeves

Guest Post By: Jacob Rosen Social media is one my favorite things about 2013. Whether it’s just passing lots and lots of time on Facebook or tweeting with fellow bloggers, I consider myself to be a bit knowledgeable about the subject – although not quite a guru. But still, many things tick me off in […]

Social Media Training

This past weekend I went to Texas Hillel and gave a social media training session for their Israel Advocacy Team. My two hour session starts with an introduction to Twitter and Facebook as well as social media secrets. Take a look at the Prezi and you may even learn something new   Social media articles […]

Twitter and American Express Team Up

You can find more details about Twitter and American Express’ new Relationship here. You can now sync your American Express with Twitter. I have bought items online based on friends recommendations, but this is taking it to a new whole level. This also makes it really easy to buy something, which can hurt my wallet. I […]

Create Twitter Engagement with – A newspaper that writes itself and tweets for you, how could you say no?  What is by Micah Harvey is a FREE, online newspaper that writes itself. You can customize how often your paper publishes, what sources it uses to generate content and designate a custom name for your paper. The […]

3 Ways to Improve your Twitter Usage

My morning routine is to check my Twitter feed before I get out of bed. Usually I’ll retweet a few, email myself articles I want to read later and thank those who shared my content overnight. I read a Tweet shared from @1ad_dad (Branded Solutions) that peaked my interest. Why You Suck On Twitter & […]