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Facebook Character Limit

  I never knew the exact number of characters that Facebook was limited to, until today! I saw an article today that listed the Facebook character limit at 5,000. Previously, I thought the character limit was 16,000, but today I decided to manually determine what the character limit was. I typed in the letter “h” […]

My New Social Media Strategy

Iv’e decided to implement a form of the scientific method with my social media strategy. I love writing in my blog and I have seen an upward trend in visitors from month to month, but only a slight increase. I want to keep this upward trend going and going, but I also want to test […]

Business to Business Social Media

The title of this article was chosen using the Google Keyword Tool. “Business to Business Social Media” is searched 90,500 times globally and 40,500 locally.  I wrote an article exclusively for social media today about how to effectively use social media for business to business marketing. I touch on the following points in the article. . […]

3 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Conversation

I research a lot of Facebook Pages, and I noticed that a lot are used as announcement boards and not conversation zones, which makes them easy to ignore, especially if those messages are constantly repeated. It’s important to have a social media strategy.  1. Asking Questions is the easiest way to enhance the conversation. Think about it, if […]

How Effective Is Social Media?

Social Media can be as effective as you want it to be, you just need to know what you are doing. An obvious statement, but posting on Facebook is not the only answer to your marketing needs. It takes time to build trust with your fans. Once that trust is built, you’ll see a return […]