Convert Your Personal Facebook to a Page

This information is taken directly from the Facebook website It’s a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to maintain a personal account for anything other than an individual person. See the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities for more clarification. Why Should I Convert My Personal Account to a Page? Since Facebook personal pages are meant […]

Win a Social Media Training

Do you need extra social media help? Are you unsure of which social networks you should be using for your campaign? Do you know how to formulate a social media strategy? If you need help finding your way through the thick mud that is social media, you have found the right place. Social media management can […]

Facebook Character Limit

  I never knew the exact number of characters that Facebook was limited to, until today! I saw an article today that listed the Facebook character limit at 5,000. Previously, I thought the character limit was 16,000, but today I decided to manually determine what the character limit was. I typed in the letter “h” […]

Do Facebook Likes Matter?

I always preach that Facebook Likes don’t matter, but I constantly see businesses and orgs posting about how many Likes they have. I also see posts on Facebook about how they need help to reach another Likes milestone. Asking for Likes doesn’t provide any value to your current fans. Are you upsetting them by always […]