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Facebook Introduces New Paper iOS App

It’s been 10 years since Facebook started in a Harvard dorm room. I can hardly believe it. Today, closing in on 1.25 billion users, Facebook released a new iOS app, Paper, which totally flips how you view your Facebook content. I was a little surprised at how quiet this launch was compared to other Facebook announcements. […]

Why Everyone is Tweeting #EsuranceSave30

The first commercial following the Super Bowl sure was a doosie! Esurance is holding a contest giving away $1.5 million. All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #EsuranceSave30. The chances of winning depend on the number of entries received. Scroll down to watch the commercial. My Favorite Twitter Reactions to #EsuranceSave30 My […]

The Power of Twitter Saves Hanukkah

  I was browsing Twitter this morning and saw a tweet from Seth Rogen that confused me. .@HobbyLobbyStore you’ve angered us Jews! Now we will use the blood of your babies to make matzah!!! — Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) October 5, 2013   Now Seth Rogen is always sarcastic, but the nature of this tweet intrigued […]

Colbert Forces Bill Clinton to Join Twitter

Steven Colbert forced former President Bill Clinton Last night. When asked why Bill hadn’t joined Twitter before, he said “sort of insecure.” This was filmed at the Clinton Global Initiative University.   Now that I’m no longer president I have been downgraded to Air Force Seven. #notColbertpretendingtobeme — Billy Jeff Clinton (@PrezBillyJeff) April 9, 2013   There […]

Twitter and American Express Team Up

You can find more details about Twitter and American Express’ new Relationship here. You can now sync your American Express with Twitter. I have bought items online based on friends recommendations, but this is taking it to a new whole level. This also makes it really easy to buy something, which can hurt my wallet. I […]

ESPN Comments Create Trending Topic

If you watched the National Championship game on Monday, you saw the announcer, Brent Musburger, going wild for an attractive woman in the crowd. That attractive woman was the girlfriend of the Alabama quarterback, A.J. McCarron. Her Twitter followers immediately went from 2,300 to 231,000 at the time of this posting. ESPN did apologize for going too far with comments. […]

Target to match prices of

ABC news is reporting this morning that Target will now price match any item in their store with and many other online retailers right in the store. Stores likes Target and Best Buy are succumbed to “show rooming” where consumers peruse products in-store and then buy it for cheaper online. Well that is no more. […]