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How to Create a Movement

This has to be one of my favorite videos. It’s short, sweet and you learn so much! Awesome video right? The shirtless man, whether he intended to to start a movement or not, did. His care free attitude, if you can call it that, lead to the start of something great. It lead to a […]

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

So you have a Twitter account and you are asking yourself “How Do I Get Twitter Followers?” In this post I’ll explain how. Example 1. Twitter for Business If you are using Twitter to promote your business or website, follow those who follow a competitor or similar business. If you are a restaurant who wants […]

How To Go Viral

In this post I’ll discuss what I learned from the “Why Videos Go Viral” TedTalk and how you can apply it to your social media campaign. It was at a friends house who didn’t have cable where I discovered this gem of a TedTalk on a Roku Payer. Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s Trends Manager spends 7 […]

How to measure your Twitter Success

As you know, Twitter only allows for 140 characters and it can be a challenge sometimes to get your updates under that constraint. A lot of the time, I’ll tweet out a link to a website, but don’t want to waste characters on the website URL. There are a lot of link shorteners out there, […]