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Social Media Training For Hillels

  The social media training program will train either a Social Media & Marketing Intern or a staff member how to use social media effectively to enhance Hillel’s mission. Why should you sign up? . Learn to engage your audience with social media . Give a student or staff professional development . Provide leadership opportunities […]

Why I Blog

  By Jeremy Winaker I am a senior staff member of the Kristol Hillel Center at the University of Delaware. I mentor Jewish students on campus and teach a university class, Biblical & Classical Literature, for the Chaiken Center for Jewish Studies. My position is funded by the Delaware Jewish community and a grant […]

Win a 1 Hour Social Media Training

For my first blog giveaway, I want to give a 1 hour social media training to the Hillel that receives the most mentions in the comments of this post. I want to give back to where I was inspired to become a social media blogger. My first job out of college in 2010 was working for Towson […]