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4 Instagram Pro Tips for Brand Managers

Instagram is a platform that is growing and growing everyday. Engagement levels on Facebook are decreasing while they are increasing on Instagram. In this post I’ll share six Instagram pro tips to convert you from a novice Instagram brand manager to a pro. This article is geared towards those using Instagram for businesses or organizations. […]

Humans of New York Social Media Lessons

I’m really upset that I haven’t heard of Humans of New York (HONY) until today. A friend of mine mentioned they wanted to start a social media campaign inspired by what HONY is doing. I Googled it and found the above video. In honor of the Facebook 10 Year Anniversary, Facebook featured 10 stories and […]

Virginia Tech Hillel Leadership Dinner Recap

Last night I was invited by Virginia Tech Hillel to speak at their 9th annual Leadership Dinner. The event was sponsored by Virginia Tech Hillel and Ask Big Questions at Virginia Tech. The theme of my presentation was leadership and how student organizations can better use social media to communicate with their members. In addition […]

How Benji Lovitt Uses Social Media

If this were just two or three years ago, I might be writing a blog post trying to convince you of the importance of using social media to market yourself or your organization.  In 2013, it seems that most people have been convinced that it’s a critical part of your business; now people are more […]

How Effective Is Social Media?

Social Media can be as effective as you want it to be, you just need to know what you are doing. An obvious statement, but posting on Facebook is not the only answer to your marketing needs. It takes time to build trust with your fans. Once that trust is built, you’ll see a return […]

How to get more retweets.

How could you not want more retweets. Quick Sprout put together this handy infographic on how to do just that. A RT will get your tweets shared to the networks of their followers. Make sure to thank them for a Retweet and they’ll be likely to do it again. I found this infographic from Timothy Carter’s […]