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Florida Police Officer Live Tweets His Shift

Have you ever wanted to go on a police ride along like Kevin Hart and Ice Cube? Now you can by following @BBPD and the hashtag #ridewithBBPD on Twitter. Officer Ron Ryan with the Boynton Beach Police Department will live tweet his shifts periodically starting 2/18. Jay Leno, may his legend live forever, included police blotter […]

Why Everyone is Tweeting #EsuranceSave30

The first commercial following the Super Bowl sure was a doosie! Esurance is holding a contest giving away $1.5 million. All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #EsuranceSave30. The chances of winning depend on the number of entries received. Scroll down to watch the commercial. My Favorite Twitter Reactions to #EsuranceSave30 My […]

How To Add Summaries To Your Tweets

A few days ago, my friend Jacob of, asked me how the @NYTimes has a summary of whatever article they are tweeting in their tweets. At first, I thought they had a special partnership with Twitter, but no, anyone can do it. This post will show you the easy steps it takes to add this […]

Latenight Hashtags: #MyWeirdWaiter

My favorite segment on Latenight with Jimmy Fallon each week is when he tweets out a hashtag asking for funny tweets and stories. The tweet always becomes a trending topic and he reads his favorites on the show. Iv’e tried a few times to get a tweet on, but sadly, no luck. Here are Jimmy […]

3 Ways to Fight Twitter FOMO

“How do  you have time for that?…” is a question that I field often about my Twitter habits. The truth is, I don’t. This article will show you 4 ways to fight your Twitter FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I have to consciously make time to check my feed. This post covers 3 services that help […]