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10,000 Likes Gets URJ Camp Kalsman a Baby Goat

You have to give credit where credit is due, and the credit goes to URJ Camp Kalsman Assistant Director, Sarah Mood. Sarah is on a mission that may seem impossible. Her mission is to get 10,000 likes on her photo so her summer camp can get a baby goat for their farm.

Why is this important?

Normally I wouldn’t blog about something like this, but here’s why I am. Sarah isn’t trying to get 10,000 likes for the heck of it. She is doing it to not only get a goat, but also to teach her campers a lesson about overcoming challenges. I spent a few summers at a sister camp to URJ Camp Kalsman, which is another reason why I want to help Sarah reach her goal. Social media + camp? I just had to blog about it.

The below is an exerpt from the URJ Camp Kalsman blog.

Why 10,000 likes? It’s not that URJ Camp Kalsman doesn’t have the funds for a baby goat, or even that adding goats to our farm is something Director David Berkman is completely opposed to, instead it is that I believe in challenging the ‘impossible.’ (And if a cute baby goat is the prize for doing so, I think it’s a win-win situation!) Overcoming challenges is a value we teach our campers each summer. We tell them, “I understand that being away from home seems impossible, but think of all the amazing opportunities you have at camp,” or we say, “I know that climbing to the top of the tower feels impossible, but try taking it one step at a time. See where you can get.” We don’t expect every camper to overcome their personal ‘impossible,’ but we encourage them to try. David certainly doesn’t expect me to get 10,000 likes on a picture, but he’s the kind of guy who will pat me on the back and say, “Go for it!” He’ll respond to my updates on my progress with a smile.

Sarah is working hard on Twitter to get to her post the necessary Likes.




It would mean a lot to me, Sarah, and the URJ Camp Kalsman community if you LIKED their post, shared it, texted it and emailed it so they can reach their goal. Normally the SociallyGold tagline is “Turn Your Social Media Into Gold” but for this post, it’s “Turn Your Social Media Into Goats.”

Sarah’s Facebook post has 2,990 likes, 60 comments and 288 shares at press time of this article. 



Facebook Introduces New Paper iOS App

Facebook Paper

It’s been 10 years since Facebook started in a Harvard dorm room.  I can hardly believe it. Today, closing in on 1.25  billion users, Facebook released a new iOS app, Paper, which totally flips how you view your Facebook content.

I was a little surprised at how quiet this launch was compared to other Facebook announcements. The app is not just your Facebook redesigned, it’s a completely new app.

Here is my initial good and bad about Paper.

photo 3

The Good

Paper is very visually appealing. Photos take up the entire screen and the transitions when between content is nice too. You’ll notice the omission of a refresh button, but updates fly in rapidly as they’re posted. A little box with a number will appear that alerts you to new updates and the cards at the bottom can be flicked up for a full screen view.

When you come across an article you’d like to read, tap it once to make it full screen, then tap it again to initiate a flip-up animation that takes you to the full article. When you’re done, swipe down and you’ll get a similar flip animation to close it.

The app doesn’t have any advertising yet, but don’t worry, I’m sure it will.

photo 2

I like how you can customize your Paper. You can choose from already determined categories that the app provides. Facebook has also chosen a handful of publishers that users will be exposed to. Some of the news outlets that are included, I would never search on my own. Topics that you can choose from include; Headlines, Tech, Enterprise, Creators, Flavor, Ideas, Family Matters and more.

photo 4

Photo Viewing

Another feature of the app is that you can rotate your phone to view all parts of a full screen photo. This may not be the best way to convey it, but these images show the different aspects of a larger image.

Facebook Paper Facebook Paper Facebook Paper

The Bad

When a new update is posted, you’ll be prompted to click a button that will take you to the most recent post, scrolling at super speed past updates you have already seen. I found myself seeing the same updates over and over.

Unlike the main Facebook app, you can’t specify Most Recent vs News Feed. I’d like to see the most recent updates and toggle between that and posts that are getting traction among my friends. I am still seeing updates about how badly the Broncos played during the Super Bowl a day later.

most recent vs news feed


I have to give Facebook a lot of credit for creating such a visually appealing app. The gestures and animations are really nice too. Hopefully more are added in future versions. Paper isn’t going to replace my main Facebook app yet, but I’ll definitely keep exploring. Right now, Paper is only available for iOS and you can download it directly from the Apple app store.

What do you think?

Have you had the chance to check out Paper? Leave your thoughts down below.



Why Everyone is Tweeting #EsuranceSave30

Why everyone is tweeting #esurancesave30

The first commercial following the Super Bowl sure was a doosie! Esurance is holding a contest giving away $1.5 million. All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #EsuranceSave30. The chances of winning depend on the number of entries received. Scroll down to watch the commercial.

My Favorite Twitter Reactions to #EsuranceSave30

My feed was (and will continue to be) littered with people tweeting #EsuranceSave30. Here are some of my favorites…







Enjoy the #EsuranceSave30 commercial

The Power of Twitter Saves Hanukkah



I was browsing Twitter this morning and saw a tweet from Seth Rogen that confused me.


Now Seth Rogen is always sarcastic, but the nature of this tweet intrigued me. I clicked on the @HobbyLobbyStore username and found a series of replies that started to me fill me in on what Seth was talking about.

Seeing the mention of @ADL_National tells me this is a huge issue. The ADL or Anti-defamation league was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.”

Long story short, a customer walked into a NJ Hobby Lobby, asked the associate where she could find the Chanukah decorations, and the associate told her “We don’t cater to you people.” Another Jewish man called the store asking for Chanukah decorations and was told “Because Mr. Green is the owner of the company, he’s a Christian, and those are his values.”

The above tweet linked to a Huffington Post article covering the story. Hobby Lobby did release an apology, which was accepted by the ADL and @ChicagoJCRC.

We sincerely apologize for any employee comments that may have offended anyone, especially our Jewish customers and friends. Comments like these do not reflect the feelings of our family or Hobby Lobby. Our family has a deep respect for the Jewish faith and those who hold its traditions dear. We’re proud contributors to Yad Vashem, as well as to other museums and synagogues in Israel and the United States. We are investigating this matter and absolutely do not tolerate discrimination at our company or our stores. We do not have any policies that discriminate; in fact, we have policies that specifically prohibit discrimination. We have previously carried merchandise in our stores related to Jewish holidays. We select the items we sell in our stores based on customer demand. We are working with our buyers to re-evaluate our holiday items and what we will carry in the future.



Thanks Twitter, the ADL and the Chicago JCRC for saving Hanukkah at the Hobby Lobby! What do you think, does this effect your feelings about Hobby Lobby or is it one man’s opinions that skewed the perception of this company? Let us know in the comments.

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Colbert Forces Bill Clinton to Join Twitter

Steven Colbert forced former President Bill Clinton Last night. When asked why Bill hadn’t joined Twitter before, he said “sort of insecure.” This was filmed at the Clinton Global Initiative University.



There has been a parody of Bill Clinton for a while, but we’ll wait to see if this account get’s verified.




FedEx Puts Down the Social Media Consultant

I’m not sure what point FedEx is trying to make here, but it seems like they are making fun of social media consultants. You can’t take someone out of college who over shares on Facebook and expect them to be strategic about social media. If you are an avid reader, you have heard me say that social media is free, but the time and effort your put into it isn’t.

What you don’t know about social media.

Social Media is not a fad, and most people assume it is meant for younger generations, which is what FedEx is poking fun at in this ad. They also make a jab at social media contests that are facilitated that have nothing to do with the business.

Relationship Building

This is the easiest and best way to explain social media. Use it to build relationships, and when you have built a good one, that is when the money and return on investment will come. No one wants you to just post coupons or deals you are having. Post pictures, interesting stores, original content and funny anecdotes. Don’t be afraid to give your brand human qualities!

Opinion of the ad

I have only seen this ad on TV once, and at the time of this post it has 15,000 views on YouTube. Are they capitalizing on the trend that is social media, or are they making fun of the hard work that goes into social media marketing?

I would love to know your reaction to this video and if you think FedEx is just being funny, or hurting the work of the social media consultant and specialists?

Twitter and American Express Team Up

You can find more details about Twitter and American Express’ new Relationship here.

You can now sync your American Express with Twitter. I have bought items online based on friends recommendations, but this is taking it to a new whole level. This also makes it really easy to buy something, which can hurt my wallet. I would love to know how you feel about this. I don’t see myself applying for American Express for this functionality, but I may just have to for testing purposes. :)



ESPN Comments Create Trending Topic

If you watched the National Championship game on Monday, you saw the announcer, Brent Musburger, going wild for an attractive woman in the crowd. That attractive woman was the girlfriend of the Alabama quarterback, A.J. McCarron.

Her Twitter followers immediately went from 2,300 to 231,000 at the time of this posting. ESPN did apologize for going too far with comments. After the comments, Webb was a trending topic on Twitter as well.

Do you think Musberger went to far? Let us know with you comments!

Source NBC.

Target to match prices of

amazon v target

ABC news is reporting this morning that Target will now price match any item in their store with and many other online retailers right in the store.

Stores likes Target and Best Buy are succumbed to “show rooming” where consumers peruse products in-store and then buy it for cheaper online. Well that is no more.

Smart move on the behalf of Target? I think so!

Facebook plans press event on 1.15.13

According to Mashable, Facebook has announced a press event on January 15th. With the tagline – “Come and see what we’re building” with no hints as to what it could be.


This post will be updated with what this BIG news is! What do you think it is? Let us know in the comments!


1.15.13 Facebook announced today that it will allow you to perform searches using it’s social graph. You can connect with friends over common interests, music, locations and more, much more.

What does this mean for your privacy settings? The same information will be available like it always has been, but it will be much easier to search. I signed up for the beta test and will be notified when it is available. Still unclear what the Graph Search is? Check out the below video from Facebook.

It looks like that you will be able to do heavy searches such as “friends who I work with”, but you can also add “who like reading”. This search will bring up those people who have this information listed as public and will not show private info. Graph Search will change the way you interact with friends and change the way you use Facebook for years to come.

Now it’s your turn.  What do you think of Facebook Graph Search? Mashable said it could be “Facebook’s greatest innovation.”