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Virginia Tech Hillel Leadership Dinner Recap

Last night I was invited by Virginia Tech Hillel to speak at their 9th annual Leadership Dinner. The event was sponsored by Virginia Tech Hillel and Ask Big Questions at Virginia Tech. The theme of my presentation was leadership and how student organizations can better use social media to communicate with their members. In addition […]

Social Media Training For Hillels

   The social media training program will train either a Social Media & Marketing Intern or a staff member how to use social media effectively to enhance Hillel’s mission.   Why should you sign up? . Learn to engage your audience with social media . Give a student or staff professional development . Provide leadership opportunities […]

Why I Blog

  By Jeremy Winaker I am a senior staff member of the Kristol Hillel Center at the University of Delaware.  I mentor Jewish students on campus and teach a university class, Biblical & Classical Literature, for the Chaiken Center for Jewish Studies.   My position is funded by the Delaware Jewish community and a grant […]

Win a 1 Hour Social Media Training

For my first blog giveaway, I want to give a 1 hour social media training to the Hillel that receives the most mentions in the comments of this post. I want to give back to where I was inspired to become a social media blogger. My first job out of college in 2010 was working for Towson […]